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Volume 67, No 1

October 2020

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Information for Authors

CJP publishes regular research papers, CJP Express, and review papers contributed by researchers in Taiwan and other countries or regions.

Manuscripts are acceptable only in English; they should be typewritten, double-spaced with wide mar-gins, on one side of white paper of standard letter or A4 size. Submission is a representation that the manuscript neither has been published previously nor is currently submitted for publication elsewhere. Only electronic submission of plain TeX, LaTex (without special macros), or MS Word files via e-mail is acceptable. Electronic figure files are preferred to be in one of the following formats: Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), PostScript (PS), or JPEG.

The abstract should be confined to one typewritten page, preceded by the title of the paper and the names of authors and their addresses.

Each table must be typed on a separate sheet and numbered with a roman numeral (TABLE I, TABLE II, etc.).

Each figure must be carefully drawn in India ink on a separate sheet of white paper and numbered with an arabic numeral (FIG. 1, FIG. 2, etc.). Captions of figures should be collected on a separate sheet.

Each photograph should have good black and white contrast.

References should be numbered consecutively in the order of appearance in the text, and be listed on separate sheets, e.g.:

Authors should provide PACS numbers maximum of four according to PACS-2010.

For additional rules on the format for preparation of the manuscript, the author(s) may consult the format adopted by Physical Reviews which our Editorial Board chooses to follow closely.

A form for transfer of copyright may be found at the end of some recent issues of the Journal, and also can be printed out from our webpage:

Manuscript submission and handling procedure

The corresponding author of a manuscript should select Editor-in-Chief or an Executive Editor to handle the manuscript. The selected person will decide whether the submitted manuscript should be rejected or sent to an editor in the CJP Editorial Board for further reviewing.The selected CJP Editor-in-Chief or Executive Editor can, of course, also handle the manuscript by himself.