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Volume 56, No 6

December 2018

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Volume 2, Number 1
April 1964


Radiocarbon Concentration in Taiwan Wood
Shih-Choung Lu, Yuin-Kwei Tai, and Yuin-Chi Hsu
p. 1-5 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1583)
Quantum States of the Trapped Electron for an Interstitial Ion
Shao-Fu Wang
p. 6-9 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1952)
Effect of an Isotopic Impurity on the Energy Flow in a System of One-Dimensional Coupled Harmonic Oscillators
Keiko Kobayasi and ??i Iti Takizawa
p. 10-22 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1579)
On the Dual Integral Equation
Shun-Yi Lee
p. 23-27 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1643)
Angular Momentum Distributions in the Thomas-Fermi and Thomas-Fermi-Dirac Models of the Atom
Jenn-Lin Hwang
p. 28-31 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1705)
Radii, Surface Diffuseness, and Binding Energies of Atomic Nuclei
Jenn-Lin Hwang and Yah-Shian Yang
p. 32-41 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 2038)
Geodesic Correspondence Transformation and Interacting Fields
Ying Chuan Yang
p. 42-45 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1606)
Research Reports
On the High Energy Behavior of strong Interaction
Ying Chuan Yang
p. 46-47 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1259)
M?_ssbauer Absorption Line Spectra of Various Kinds of Tin Containing Substance
Shou-Yih Wang, Yeh-Fa Lee, and Poh-Kun Tseng
p. 48-49
M?_ssbauer Effect of Fe-57 in Fe-Resin of Different Moisture Contents
Shou-Yih Wang, An-Hua Lu, and Poh-Kun Tseng
p. 50-52 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1431)
Recent Publications of Members
Investigation of $p$-$p$ and $n$-$p$ Scatterings at 10 Mev by Dispersion Relation
Shih-Hui Hsieh and Setsuko Miyachi
p. 53-53
Regge Trajectory in Field Theory
Lu Sun Liu and K. Tanaka
p. 53-53
Effects of Spin-Orbit Coupling in Si and Ge
L. Liu
p. 54-54
Electronic Band Structure of Gray Tin
F. Bassani and L. Liu
p. 54-54
Elastic Scattering of Relativistic Electrons by Screened Atomic Nuclei
Shin-R Lin, Noah Sherman, and Jerome K. Percus
p. 55-55
Angular Momentum Distributions in the Thomas-Fermi Model
J. L. Hwang
p. 56-56 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1282)