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Volume 56, No 6

December 2018

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Volume 25, Number 2
June 1987


SU(3) and the Color Parts of the Baryon-Baryon Multiple Scattering Matrix Elements
Yiharn Tzeng
p. 347-352 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1753)
Counter-Rotating Terms in Laser Rate Equations
T. H. Cheung
p. 353-360 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1578)
Magnetic Properties, Crystallization and Embrittlement of Amorphous Fe$_{80}$B$_{13}$C$_7$ and Fe$_{80}$B$_{13}$Si$_7$ Alloys
Y. D. Lung, D. P. Chiang, and S. T. Lin
p. 361-371 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1586)
The Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Study of the Massless Schwinger Model
Jen-Fa Min and Ming-Tang Chen
p. 372-382 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1475)
First Order Correction of Wave Functions in Soliton Bag Model
S. J. Yu, Yeou-Wei Yang, and Chien-er Lee
p. 383-392 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1545)
Domain Walls Wall Mobility, Coercivity and Initial Permeability of Metglas Fe$_{40}$N$_{38}$Mo$_4$B$_{18}$
S. U. Jen
p. 393-400 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 3284)
Essentially Strong B?_cklund Transformations
H. H. Chen, J. C. Chen, C. R. Lee, J. C. Shaw, and H. C. Yen
p. 401-409 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1528)
A Universal Formula of B?_cklund Transformation Equations
H. C. Yen
p. 410-417 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1570)
Electrical Study of Some High T$_c$ Oxide Superconductors
Y. D. Yao, J. I. Horng, and H. E. Horng
p. 418-422 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1382)
Cumulative Author Index
Cumulative Author Index
p. 423-424 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1400)