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Volume 58, No 1

April 2019

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Volume 29, Number 1
February 1991


Statistical Physics
Perimeter and Area Generating Function of Pyramid Polygons
K. Y. Lin
p. 7-16 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1866)
Generating Function of Two-Layer Row-Convex Polygons on the Rectangular Lattice
K. Y. Lin
p. 17-28 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1833)
Transition Surface of the 3-1-2 Ising Model with 3-Site Interactions
Julian Juhi-Lian Ting
p. 29-34 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1617)
Condensed Matter Physics
Theory on Oxygen Deficiency for YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_{7-\delta}$ High-T$_c$ Materials
W. Y. Chen and I. C. Chen
p. 35-40 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1387)
Excitation of Surface Plasma Wave in Layered Structure of Au/Ag Thin Films
Der-Jun Jan and Kuan-Ching Lee
p. 41-48 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1961)
The Classical Surface in Modern Theories of Solid Surface: Positronium in Front of a Surface
D.-R. Su
p. 49-56 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1438)
The Correlation Between Superconductivity and Cu-O Bond Length in Cu-O Plane for the Single Tl Layer Family (Tl,Pb)Ca$_{n-1}$ (Ba,La)$_2$ Cu$_n$ O$_{2n+3-\delta}$
C. C. Lai, P. C. Ho, C. Y. Hung, H. C. Ku, and T. Y. Lin
p. 57-66 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 2005)
Elementary Particles and Fields
Exact Solution in a Scale Invariant Model with Vanishing Cosmological Constant
W. F. Kao
p. 1-6 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1770)