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Volume 58, No 1

April 2019

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Volume 40, Number 3
June 2002


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p. 325-326 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1257)
Research Articles
General Physics
Singularity Structure Analysis and Abundant New Dromion-like Structures for the (2+1)-Dimensional Generalized Burgers Equation
Yan Zhenya
p. 203-213 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1813)
Generators for the Lienard-Wiechert Electromagnetic Field
J. H. Caltenco, J. L. Lopez-Bonilla, J. Morales, and G. Ovo
p. 214-222 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1692)
Squeezed Displaced Number States Defined in the Coherent-State Quantum Phase-Space Representation of Quantum Mechanics
A. Zuniga-Segundo
p. 223-227 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1767)
Quantitative Analysis Using Squeezed States Defined in the Coherent-State Quantum Phase-Space Representation
A. Zuniga-Segundo and J. L. Lopez-Bonilla
p. 228-241 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1781)
Nuclear Physics
The ($\gamma , N$) Reaction Mechanism at Intermediate Energies
I. Akkurt and J. R. M. Ann
p. 277-282 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1401)
Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
A New Algorithm for the Calculation of Two-Center Overlap Integrals Over Slater-Type Orbitals
HB. A. Mamedov, M. Kara, and M. Orbay
p. 283-287 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1670)
Mode Partition Noise and Chaos: An Experimental Exploration in a Multimode Microchip Nd:YVO4 Solid-State Laser
Jyh-Long Chern, Siao-Lung Hwong, A-Chuan Hsu, and Kenju Otsuka
p. 288-295 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1620)
Condensed Matter Physics
Phase Transitions in a Two Component Spin-One Ising Ferromagnetic Superlattice
A. Mattoni, M. Bagagiolo, and A. Saber
p. 296-306 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1474)
Magnetic Properties of the Spin-1/2 Ising Ferromagnetic Thin Films with Alternating Superlattice Configuration
M. Bentaleb, N. El Aouad, and M. Saber
p. 307-314 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1464)
The Effects of Dimensionality on the Spectral Properties of a Two-Electron Quantum Dot
PMohammad K. Elsaid
p. 315-324 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1494)
Gravitation and Astrophysics
Non-Static Spherically Symmetric Perfect Fluid Solutions
YM. Sharif and T. Iqbal
p. 242-250 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1590)
Neutrino Spin-Flip Effects in Active Galactic Nuclei
M. Anwar Mughal and H. Athar
p. 251-264 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1429)
Elementary Particles and Fields
General-Linear-Acceleration Transformations of Spacetime, Jerks and Limiting 4-Dimensional Symmetry
Jong-Ping Hsu
p. 265-276 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1591)