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Volume 56, No 5

October 2018

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Volume 46, Number 6
December 2008


Cumulative Author Index
p. 748-0 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 371)
Research Articles
General Physics
Stochastic Resonance in A Linear System Driven by Correlated Multiplicative and Additive Noise
Li-juan Ning and Wei Xu
p. 611-620 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1837)
Atomic, Molecular, and Chemical Physics
Dynamics of the Rydberg Hydrogen Atom Interacting with a Metallic Surface and a Magnetic Field
Dehua Wang, Lijie Tian, Hongrun Wang, and Shiliang Ding
p. 712-722 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1908)
Quantum Electrodynamics in a Linear Absorptive Dielectric Medium
F. Kheirandish and M. Amooshahi
p. 723-732 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1697)
Condensed Matter Physics
Temperature Dependence of Energy Levels in Ridge Quantum Well Wires
E. Sadeghi
p. 733-738 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1812)
Crystal Structure and Thermodynamic Properties of Th2Co3Al9 and U2Co3Al9
Wei Su, Ping Qian, Jiang Shen, and Nan-Xian Chen
p. 739-747 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1624)
Gravitation and Astrophysics
Matter Collineations of Plane Symmetric Spacetimes
M. Sharif and Nousheen Ilyas
p. 621-635 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1498)
Elementary Particles and Fields
On the Dominant Bressmstrahlung Contribution in Hadronic Processes
N. Mebarki and H. Boutine
p. 636-648 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1493)
QCD Factorization at Twist-3: the Two Parton Contributions
Tsung-Wen Yeh
p. 649-711 Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1783)