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Volume 58, No 1

April 2019

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Volume 54, Number 6
December 2016


Research Articles
General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information, etc.
Frequency response of the decoherence in a Duffing oscillator and the dispersion of the Wigner function in the Fourier domain
Shi-Hui Zhang and Wu-Qing Wang
p. 906-911
??J Blume???Capel model in the cluster variation method
Erhan Albayrak
p. 978-982
Gravitation and Astrophysics
Bianchi type-I bulk viscous cosmology with Chaplygin gas in Lyra Geometry
G.P. Singh, Binaya K. Bishi, and P.K. Sahoo
p. 895-905
Kantowski- Sachs universe with anisotropic dark energy in Lyra geometry
Shri Ram, S. Chandel, and M.K. Verma
p. 953-959
Elementary Particles and Fields
Relativistic Dirac-attractive radial problem with Yukawa-like tensor interaction via SUSYQM
Akpan N. Ikot, Saber Zarrinkamar, Soroush Zare, and Hassan Hassanabadi
p. 968-977
Plasma and Beam Physics
Linear and nonlinear optical properties of M@C$_5$$_9$X (M = Li, Na and X = B, N) cage
F A Larijani
p. 870-876
Effects of relativistic electrons and spatial non-uniformities of density on periodic absolute parametric instability in a plasma waveguide
Khaled Hamed El-Shorbagy
p. 883-889
Condensed Matter: Structure, etc.
Structural and dynamical properties of graphite by incorporating dispersion correction: An ab-initio study
Rana M. Arif Khalil
p. 890-894
Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc.
Sheath structure due to cold negatively charged particles in low pressure plasma
Mrinal Kumar Mishra
p. 867-869
Structural and luminescence properties of Eu$^3$$^+$-doped magnesium sulfide borate glass and crystal
S.A. Dalhatu, R. Hussin, and Karim Deraman
p. 877-882
The dynamical behavior of Josephson tunneling particles attributed to the initial values of imbalance
Mustafa M. Hawamdeh and Saleem I. Qashou
p. 912-920
AC magnetic susceptibility of Cd-doped Bi$_1$$_.$$_6$$_4$Pb$_0$$_.$$_3$$_6$Sr$_2$Ca$_2$$_-$$_x$Cd$_x$Cu$_3$O$_1$$_0$ superconductor synthesized by the sol-gel method
Seyed Ebrahim Mousavi Ghahfarokhi and Fatemeh Joola
p. 921-930
Effect of Mn doping on the electronic structure and absorption spectrum of Ba$_2$SiO$_4$:Eu$^2$$^+$ phosphor
Haitao Chen, Xuefei Huang, and Weigang Huang
p. 931-939
A high-performance light absorber based on a metamaterial nanopyramid array
Jian-Guo Lei, Bo-Yu Ji, and Jing-Quan Lin
p. 940-946
Parametric pumping modulated by two orthogonal external magnetic fields
Yun-Chang Xiao, Chang-Yong Zhu, and Ri-Xing Wang
p. 947-952
Optical properties of titanium and iron doped 3C-SiC behaviors TB-mBJ
Mohamed Houmad, Halima Zaari, Abdelilah Benyoussef, and Abdelah El Kenz
p. 960-967