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Volume 58, No 1

April 2019

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Volume 55, Number 6
December 2017


Research Articles
Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Complex Networks
Weak synchronization of nonautonomous chaotic systems with parameter mismatch via intermittent control
Mihua Ma, Jianping Cai, and Xuejing Lu
p. 2173-2180
Finite-time control and synchronization of a class of systems via the twisting controller
Runzi Luo and Haipeng Su
p. 2199-2207
Analytical estimates of the effect of amplitude modulated signal in nonlinearly damped Duffing-vander Pol oscillator
M.V. Sethu Meenakshi, S. Athisayanathan, V. Chinnathambi, and S. Rajasekar
p. 2208-2217
Lie symmetry analysis and different types of solutions to a generalized bidirectional sixth-order Sawada???Kotera equation
Li Zou, Shou-Fu Tian, Xiu-Bin Wang, and Tian-Tian Zhang
p. 2236-2248
Radiation effects on heat transfer of three dimensional nanofluid flow considering thermal interfacial resistance and micro mixing in suspensions
M. Sheikholeslami, Hari R. Kataria, and Akhil S. Mittal
p. 2254-2272
MHD free convection of nanofluid in a cavity with sinusoidal walls by using CVFEM
M. Sheikholeslami and Hakan F. Oztop
p. 2291-2304
Scaling invariance embedded in very short time series: A factorial moment based diffusion entropy approach
Yue Yang, Lu Qiu, Tianguang Yang, Liying Hou, Changgui Gu, and Huijie Yang
p. 2325-2335
Optical solitons, nonlinear self-adjointness and conservation laws for Kundu???Eckhaus equation
Dumitru Baleanu, Mustafa Inc, Abdullahi Yusuf, and Aliyu Isa Aliyu
p. 2341-2355
Combined thermophoresis and Brownian motion effects on nanofluid free convection heat transfer in an L-shaped enclosure
M. Sheikholeslami, Ali J. Chamkha, P. Rana, and R. Moradi
p. 2356-2370
Three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic rotating flow past a stretched surface with cross diffusion
M. Sathish Kumar, N. Sandeep, and B. Rushi Kumar
p. 2407-2421
Soliton dynamics for one dimensional quantum system incorporating higher-order dispersion effect and nonlinear interactions
Shifeng Li, Ying Wang, Yu Zhou, Jiyuan Guo, Guojun Gao, and Yamei Zhang
p. 2436-2440
Modern developments about statistical declaration and probable error for skin friction and Nusselt number with copper and silver nanoparticles
Tasawar Hayat, Muhammad Ijaz Khan, Sumaira Qayyum, and Ahmed Alsaedi
p. 2501-2513
General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, etc.
The bimodal random crystal field and biquadratic exchange interaction effects for the spin-3/2 Ising model on the Bethe lattice
M. Karimou, E. Albayrak, A. Tessilimy, F. Hontinfinde, and R. Yessoufou
p. 2371-2383
Scattering states solutions of Klein???Gordon equation with three physically solvable potential models
O.J. Oluwadare and K.J. Oyewumi
p. 2422-2435
The extended Laplace transform method for mathematical analysis of the Thomas???Fermi equation
Hooman Fatoorehchi and Mahdi Alidadi
p. 2548-2558
Elementary Particles and Fields
Non-standard Higgs couplings in single Higgs boson production at the LHC and future linear collider
G. Akkaya Sel?_in and ??. ?_ahin
p. 2305-2317
Nuclear Physics
Peculiarities of interaction of weakly bound lithium nuclei (A???=???6???11) at low energies: Elastic scattering and total reaction cross sections
K.A. Kuterbekov, A.M. Kabyshev, and A.K. Azhibekov
p. 2523-2539
Research Articles
A comprehensive analysis of elastic scattering of 14N projectile on 7Li, 9Be, 11B, 12C, 16O, 26Mg, 28Si, 40Ca, 56Fe, 59Co, 60,62Ni, 70,74Ge, 90Zr, 112Cd, 118Sn, 159Tb and 197Au at various incident energies
M. Aygun
p. 2559-2576
Two and three particle azimuthal angle correlations among the relativistic particles in nucleus-nucleus collisions at relativistic energies
Rong Xu and Dong-Hai Zhang
p. 2597-2604
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Geometrically tunable slow light based on a modified photonic crystal waveguide
Mouhssin Maache, Abdesselam Hocini, and Djamel Khedrouche
p. 2318-2324
Narrow stop band microwave filters by using hybrid generalized quasi-periodic photonic crystals
Naim Ben Ali
p. 2384-2392
Theoretical analysis of the structural, electronic and optical properties of tetragonal Sr2GaSbO6
p. 2476-2483
Quantum Information and Quantum Computation
Temperature effect of a quantum pseudodot qubit
Yong Sun, Zhao-Hua Ding, and Jing-Lin Xiao
p. 2336-2340
Plasma and Beam Physics
Nonlinear shock structures with contributions of arbitrary dust size distribution and nonadiabatic charge fluctuation in dusty plasmas
Li-Ping Zhang and Li-Hua Yuan
p. 2448-2457
Condensed Matter: Structure, etc.
Structural, magnetic and optical properties of mulitiferroic (BiFeO3)1???x(BaTiO3)x solid solutions
Mohammad Shariq, Davinder Kaur, and Vishal Singh Chandel
p. 2192-2198
Effects of growth temperature on structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films grown chemically on porous silicon substrate
R. Shabannia and Abbas M. Selman
p. 2218-2223
Some hysteresis loop features of 2D magnetic spin-1 Ising nanoparticle: shape lattice and single-ion anisotropy effects
S. Bouhou, M. El Hamri, I. Essaoudi, A. Ainane, R. Ahuja, and F. Dujardin
p. 2224-2235
Structural and magnetic evolution of Sr site electron doping in Sr2FeMoO6
Yanchun Hu, Yuting Wei, Xianwei Wang, Weixia Li, Yawen Cui, and Liuju Zhang
p. 2441-2447
The use of advanced atomic force microscopy for the quantitative nanomechanical characterization of Co-doped ZnO thin films
Sara Benzitouni, Mourad Zaabat, Jean Ebothe, Boubaker Boudine, and Raphael Coste
p. 2458-2467
Molecular dynamics studies of body-centered cubic tungsten during melting under pressure
Chun-Mei Liu, Chao Xu, Yan Cheng, Xiang-Rong Chen, and Ling-Cang Cai
p. 2468-2475
Fractal analysis of nanostructured silver film surface
Maryam Nasehnejad, Gholamreza Nabiyouni, and Mehran Gholipour Shahraki
p. 2484-2490
A comparative study on degradation characteristics of ZnO nanoparticles-Bi2O3-Mn2O3varistors at various ambient sintering processes
Rabab Sendi
p. 2605-2613
Research Articles
Quantification of interatomic distances effects on elastic properties of metals
Leila Touati Tliba, Zahia Hadjoub, Ibtissem Touati, and Abdellaziz Doghmane
p. 2614-2620
Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc.
The effect of relaxation on the structural and electronic properties of a terbium superstoichiometric dihydride
Zahia Ayat, Aomar Boukraa, Bahmed Daoudi, and Abdelouahab Ouahab
p. 2157-2164
Growth, morphology, optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical studies of a cesium chloride doped l-alanine single crystal
Pratik M. Wankhade and Gajanan G. Muley
p. 2181-2191
The magnetic phase transition in Mn2-xFexB alloys: First-principles calculations
Po-Han Lee, Shih-Wei Wang, Chao-Yang Lin, Kuan-Ling Chen, Kuan-Yu Chen, Pang-Yu Liu, Hsuan-An Hsia, Yu-Feng Chien, and Swe-Kai Chen
p. 2249-2253
Study of electrical properties in the insulating samples 70Ge: Ga p-type at very low temperatures
Mohamed Errai, Abdelhamid El kaaouachi, Hassan El idrissi, and Asmae Chakhmane
p. 2283-2290
The electronic structure and optical properties of rutile TiO2 co-doped with nickel and cerium
R. Amraoui, M. Doghmane, S. Chettibi, and D.F. Laefer
p. 2393-2399
Structural, electronic, optical and elastic properties of the cubic perovskite PbHfO3 through modified Becke???Johnson potential
D. Chenine, Z. Aziz, A. Abbad, B. Bouadjemi, O.K. Youb, T. Lantri, O. Lakel, and S. Bentata
p. 2514-2522
Structural, mechanical, electronic and thermal properties of the newly predicted NB2 from ab initio calculations
M.A. Alam, M. Nuruzzaman, M.A.H. Shah, F. Parvin, and M.A.K. Zilani
p. 2540-2547
Synthesis, characterization, and electrochemical properties of bi- layered cathode films deposited on co-doped ceria
Ali Mater, Didier Fasquelle, Massoud Kahlaoui, Adel Madani, and Chaabane Chefi
p. 2577-2587
RTFM, RTPL and photocatalytic activity of CeO2/ZrO2 nanocomposites
S. Usharani and V. Rajendran
p. 2588-2596
Polymer, Soft Matter, Biological, and Interdisciplinary Physics
The photon interaction cross sections of human cortical bone tissue
Aysun B?_ke
p. 2165-2172
Control of an artificial human pancreas
Muhammad Umer Saleem, Muhammad Farman, M.O. Ahmad, and Muhammad Rizwan
p. 2273-2282
Nonlinear dynamics of microtubules and series expansion unknown function method
S. Zdravkovi?? and S. Zekovi??
p. 2400-2406
Effect of post-transcriptional feedback on the stochastic effect in gene expression
Changhong Shi, Shuqiang Wang, and Honglian Ruan
p. 2491-2500