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Volume 58, No 1

April 2019

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Volume 56, Number 1
February 2018


Research Articles
Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Complex Networks
Slip boundary conditions and through flow effects on double-diffusive convection in internally heated heterogeneous Brinkman porous media
Akil J. Harfash and Huda A. Challoob
p. 10-22
MHD flow and heat transfer over a radially stretching/shrinking disk
Siti Khuzaimah Soid, Anuar Ishak, and Ioan Pop
p. 58-66
Modified Kudryashov method via new exact solutions for some conformable fractional differential equations arising in mathematical biology
Dipankar Kumar, Aly R. Seadawy, and Atish Kumar Joardar
p. 75-85
Colored Gaussian noises induced stochastic resonance and stability transition for an insect growth system driven by a multiplicative periodic signal
Kang-Kang Wang, Lin Ju, Ya-Jun Wang, and Sheng-Hong Li
p. 96-107
A multiscale noise tuning stochastic resonance for fault diagnosis in rolling element bearings
Gang Zhang, Tian Yi, Tianqi Zhang, and Li Cao
p. 145-157
Delay induced steady-state transition and stochastic resonance for an ecological vegetation growth system subjected to multiplicative and additive noises
Kang-Kang Wang, Wen-Wu Yu, Qing-Yun Wang, and Sheng-Hong Li
p. 158-170
Multi-switching dual compound synchronization of chaotic systems
Ayub Khan, Mridula Budhraja, and Aysha Ibraheem
p. 171-179
Entropy generation and MHD natural convection of a nanofluid in an inclined square porous cavity: Effects of a heat sink and source size and location
A.M. Rashad, T. Armaghani, A.J. Chamkha, and M.A. Mansour
p. 193-211
Chaotic analysis and combination-combination synchronization of a novel hyperchaotic system without any equilibria
Ayub Khan and Shikha
p. 238-251
Analysis of magnetohydrodynamic flow of a fractional viscous fluid through a porous medium
Sami Ul Haq, Muhammad Atif Khan, and Nehad Ali Shah
p. 261-269
Non-Darcy free convection of Fe3O4-water nanoliquid in a complex shaped enclosure under impact of uniform Lorentz force
M. Sheikholeslami and S.A. Shehzad
p. 270-281
Stochastic impact in Fitzhugh???Nagumo neural system with time delays driven by colored noises
Sheng-Hong Li and Quan-Xin Zhu
p. 346-354
Stability analysis, dynamical behavior and analytical solutions of nonlinear fractional differential system arising in chemical reaction
S. Sarwar and S. Iqbal
p. 374-384
Atomic, Molecular, and Chemical Physics
Equation of State of 20Ne gas in the temperature-range 27???36 K
A.N. Akour, A.S. Sandouqa, B.R. Joudeh, and H.B. Ghassib
p. 411-422
Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Complex Networks
Anisotropic slip magneto-bioconvection flow from a rotating cone to a nanofluid with Stefan blowing effects
F.T. Zohra, M.J. Uddin, A.I.M. Ismail, O. Anwar B??g, and A. Kadir
p. 432-448
Gravitation and Astrophysics
Inflationary magnetic fields from massive Euler???Heisenberg electrodynamics
Leonardo Campanelli
p. 91-95
The moment of inertia of the proto neutron star PSR J0348+0432 under neutrino trapped
Jian-Li Huo and Xian-Feng Zhao
p. 292-299
Nuclear Physics
Evaluation of the neutron production rate using D???D and D???T fuel in an inertial electrostatic confinement fusion device
M.A. Ramzanpour and M.R. Pahlavani
p. 23-29
Quantum Information and Quantum Computation
A true random number generator based on the photon arrival time registered in a coincidence window between two single-photon counting modules
Raghad Saeed Hasan, Shelan Khasro Tawfeeq, Nahla Qader Mohammed, and Ahmed Ismael Khaleel
p. 385-391
Condensed Matter: Structure, etc.
Barium silicate modified strontium bismuth tantalate ferroelectric thin films
Mehmet S. Bozgeyik
p. 40-45
Transverse anisotropy field and lattice plane anisotropy of stress annealed Fe???Cu???Nb???Si???B ribbons
Raymond Kwesi Nutor, Xiaojia Xu, Xiaozhen Fan, Xingwei He, and Yunzhang Fang
p. 180-184
Formation of Ge35In8S57 amorphous films for optical applications
M. Rashad, A.A.A. Darwish, Said A. Farha Al-Said, A.A. Hendi, and M.M. Hafiz
p. 212-220
Study the effect of acetic acid on structural, optical and mechanical properties of PVA/chitosan/MWCNT films
Maryam Abdolrahimi, Majid Seifi, and Mohammad Hassan Ramezanzadeh
p. 221-230
Pressure-dependent mechanical and thermodynamic properties of newly discovered cubic Na2He
Md. Zahidur Rahaman, Md. Lokman Ali, and Md. Atikur Rahman
p. 231-237
Shape and size dependent thermophysical properties of nanocrystals
M. Goyal and B.R.K. Gupta
p. 282-291
Study of the structural, elastic, electronic and optical properties of lead free halide double perovskites Cs2AgBiX6(X???=???Br, Cl)
M.A. Ghebouli, T. Chihi, B. Ghebouli, and M. Fatmi
p. 323-330
Mesoporous titania films investigated by positron annihilation based on a slow positron beam
Bangyun Xiong, Xiuqin Tang, Chunqing He, Hui Cao, Jingpei Huo, Jie Luo, and Haiying He
p. 355-361
Structure and conductivity characterization of new type ionic conductor stabilized bismuth oxide ternary systems
Serdar Yilmaz, Bekir Kavici, Cigdem Celen, Esra Yildiz, and Aynur Gurbuz
p. 362-373
Deposition and characterization of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin films from the ink of sonochemically prepared CIGSe nanoparticles
Jung Eun Lee, Hyungmin Lee, Dong-seob Jeong, Babu Pejjai, Vasudeva Reddy Minnam Reddy, and Chinho Park
p. 392-403
Ab initio predicted elastic and thermodynamic properties of Imm2-BN under high pressure
Fu Zhi-Fen, Ma Jian-Li, Wei Qun, Liu Peng, Zhou Jian-Ping, Li Xue-Chao, and Wang Bing
p. 423-431
Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc.
Structural, elastic and optoelectronic properties of the hydrogen based perovskite compounds: Ab-initio study
Farida Hamioud and A.A. Mubarak
p. 1-9
Ab initio electronic structure, bonding and optical properties of two relatively new ceramics Hf2Al3C4 and Hf3Al3C5: A comparative study
Salman Mehmood, M. Nasir Rasul, Muhammad Amir Rafiq, Rohail Ali Shah, Muhammad Azhar Khan, Faisal Iqbal, and Altaf Hussain
p. 30-39
Investigating the influence of Cr-Zn substitution on magnetic and structural properties of M-type SrBaSm hexaferrites Sr0.6Ba0.1Sm0.3Fe12.0-x(Cr0.6Zn0.4)xO19
Yujie Yang, Fanhou Wang, Juxiang Shao, Duohui Huang, and Qilong Cao
p. 67-74
Coexistence of paramagnetism and ferromagnetism in Fe-TiO2 nanoparticle
Fatemeh Ostovari
p. 86-90
Microstructure and magnetic characterization of the Sm-CoMn co-substituted SrCaM hexagonal ferrites
Yang Yujie, Wang Fanhou, Shao Juxiang, Khalid Mujasam Batoo, Khalid Mehmood Ur Rehman, and Huang Duohui
p. 108-116
A short review on: Optimization techniques of ZnO based thin film transistors
Sumit Vyas
p. 117-124
Research Articles
Nonlinear response of Josephson fluxonic diode to radiation based on geometry and incident radiation point
Hadi Vafadarali, Farshid Raissi, and Alireza Erfanian
p. 125-130
Structural, electronic, optical and thermodynamic investigations of NaXF3 (X???=???Ca and Sr): First-principles calculations
M.H. Benkabou, M. Harmel, A. Haddou, A. Yakoubi, N. Bak, R. Ahmed, Y. Al-Douri, S.V. Syrotyuk, H. Khachai, R. Khenata, C.H. Voon, and Mohd Rafie Johan
p. 131-144
Dynamic hysteresis loop in a ferroelectric heterostructure
Lian Cui, Haiying Cui, and Yuchun Li
p. 185-192
Effect of Fe3+-doped Ca12Al14O33 cement on optical and thermal properties
Chesta Ruttanapun, Pornjuk Srepusharawoot, and Santi Maensiri
p. 252-260
The magnetoelastic interaction of exchange nature
Bahsheli Guliyev and Genber Kerimli
p. 300-302
Ferri-para-magnetism of tungsten and its carbide cermets for elevated temperature sensor application
Swe-Kai Chen, Bo-Wen Jou, and Yeu-Tiing Tsai
p. 303-307
Elucidating DFT study on structural, electronic, thermal and elastic properties of SrTcO3 by using GGA and mBJ approach
S.M. Sohail Gilani, Saad Tariq, M. Imran Jamil, Bashir Tahir, and M.A. Faridi
p. 308-314
Bound magnetopolaron in delta GaAs quantum dot under Rashba effect
M. Tiotsop, A.J. Fotue, H.B. Fotsin, and L.C. Fai
p. 315-322
Zn and Zr co-doped M-type strontium hexaferrite: Synthesis, characterization and hyperthermia application
Majid Abdellahi, Aliakbar Najfinezhad, Saeed Saber-Samanadari, Amirsalar Khandan, and Hamid Ghayour
p. 331-339
Investigation of ultrafast plasmon control in silver block by PEEM
Jiang Qin, Boyu Ji, Lang Peng, Song Xiaowei, Tao Haiyan, Dou Yinping, Gao Xun, Hao Zuoqiang, and Lin Jingquan
p. 340-345
Ferromagnetism induced by double impurities Mn and Cr in 3C???SiC
M. Houmad, Z. Zarhri, Y. Ziat, Y. Benhouria, A. Benyoussef, and A. El Kenz
p. 404-410
Polymer, Soft Matter, Biological, and Interdisciplinary Physics
Conformational stability of the tetrameric de novo designed hexcoil-Ala helical bundle
Kadir Demir, Hakan Al??c??, and Fatih Ya??ar
p. 46-57