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Volume 58, No 1

April 2019

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Volume 56, Number 3
June 2018


Research Articles
Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Complex Networks
One to four-wing chaotic attractors coined from a novel 3D fractional-order chaotic system with complex dynamics
Sen Zhang, Yicheng Zeng, and Zhijun Li
p. 793-806
Dark and kink soliton solutions of the generalized ZK???BBM equation by iterative scheme
Arvind Patel and Vineesh Kumar
p. 819-829
Study of mass transport in rotating couple stress liquid under concentration modulation
Vinod K. Gupta
p. 911-921
Globally exponential multi switching-combination synchronization control of chaotic systems for secure communications
Israr Ahmad, Muhammad Shafiq, and M. Mossa Al-Sawalha
p. 974-987
Detection of multi-frequency weak signals with adaptive stochastic resonance system
Shan Wang, Fuzhong Wang, Shuo Wang, and Guojun Li
p. 944-1000
Modeling nonlinear dissipative chemical dynamics by a forced modified Van der Pol-Duffing oscillator with asymmetric potential: Chaotic behaviors predictions
C.H. Miwadinou, A.V. Monwanou, J. Yovogan, L.A. Hinvi, and ... J.B. Chabi Orou
p. 1089-1104
Synchronization of quantum cascade lasers with mutual optoelectronic coupling
p. 1113-1120
Hybrid phase transitions of spreading dynamics in multiplex networks
Yanan Huang, Ming Tang, Yong Zou, and Jie Zhou
p. 1166-1172
Stochastic resonance in an asymmetric bistable system driven by multiplicative and additive Gaussian noise and its application in bearing fault detection
Gang Zhang, Yijun Zhang, Tianqi Zhang, and Rana Mdsohel
p. 1173-1186
A weak signal detection method based on adaptive parameter-induced tri-stable stochastic resonance
Yi Wang, Shangbin Jiao, Qing Zhang, Shuang Lei, and Xiaoxue Qiao
p. 1187-1198
Unsteady MHD flow and heat transfer of fractional Maxwell viscoelastic nanofluid with Cattaneo heat flux and different particle shapes
Ming Shen, Shurui Chen, and Fawang Liu
p. 1199-1211
The proto Bhalekar???Gejji system
Muhammad Aqeel, Anam Azam, and Salman Ahmad
p. 1220-1231
Solitons and other solutions of the nonlinear fractional Zoomeron equation
E. Tala-Tebue, Z.I. Djoufack, A. Djimeli-Tsajio, and A. Kenfack-Jiotsa
p. 1232-1246
Streaming potential analysis on the hydrodynamic transport of pressure-driven flow through a rotational microchannel
Xingyu Chen and YongJun Jian
p. 1296-1307
General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, etc.
Dynamic hysteresis loops of the spin-2 bilayer Ising model
Mehmet Erta??, Mehmet Bat??, and ??m?_t Temizer
p. 807-818
The crystal-field dependency of sound attenuation in the spin-3/2 ising model
Tun?_ Cengiz and Erhan Albayrak
p. 844-852
Toward a scenario with complementary stochastic and deterministic information in financial fluctuations
Cyun-Wei Chen and Wen-Jong Ma
p. 853-862
Thermodynamic performance characteristics of a three-terminal quantum dot hybrid thermoelectric heat engine
Jing Fu, Wei Li, Zhi-Cheng Shi, and Ji-Zhou He
p. 895-903
Statistical mechanics and financial markets: Antagony between derivatives and market self-regulation
David B. Saakian
p. 988-943
A new approach to the evaluation of Casimir and van der Waals forces in the transition region
Shakiba Dowlati and Ghader Rezazadeh
p. 1133-1146
Spin-1/2 Ising model on a AFM/FM two-layer Bethe lattice in a staggered magnetic field
J. Kpl??, S. Massou, F. Hontinfinde, and E. Albayrak
p. 1252-1261
A cellular automata model for urban traffic with multiple roundabouts
Younes Regragui and Najem Moussa
p. 1273-1285
Gravitation and Astrophysics
Dynamical system analysis for an interacting scalar-torsion theory
Behnaz Fazlpour and Ali Banijamali
p. 1322-1330
Nuclear Physics
??-particle preformation for favoured transitions using proximity potential
C.K. Phookan
p. 1308-1321
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Evolution of a finite Olver beam propagating in a right handed and double negative index slab system
Long Jin and Xingqiang Zhang
p. 1105-1112
Numerical analysis of a temperature sensor based on the photonic band gap effect in a photonic crystal fiber
R. Boufenar, M. Bouamar, and A. Hocini
p. 1126-1132
Refractive index sensing using a linear graded plasmonic chain of metal nano-particles
Ridha Horchani
p. 1247-1251
The effect of external cavity reflectivity on the dynamic behaviors of quantum cascade laser
Abdelouahab Hamadou
p. 1286-1295
Plasma and Beam Physics
Generation of sheath in magnetized plasma under the impact of slow rotation
Jaydeep Paul, Apratim Nag, and Himadri Sekhar Das
p. 1121-1125
Condensed Matter: Structure, etc.
Elastic and thermodynamic properties of alkali hydrides XH (X???=???K, Rb and Cs)
Raed Jaradat, Mohammed S. Abu-Jafar, Issam Abdelraziq, Diana Dahliah, and Rabah Khenata
p. 830-843
A first-principles investigation of the properties of two predicted novel structures of Sn3P4
Ruike Yang, Yucan Ma, Qun Wei, and Dongyun Zhang
p. 886-894
Physical, optical and radiative properties of CaSO4???B2O3???P2O5 glasses doped with Sm3+ ions
Y.A. Yamusa, Rosli Hussin, and W.N. Wan Shamsuri
p. 932-943
Effect of KOH molarity and annealing temperature on ZnO nanostructure properties
Abdelhamid El-Shaer, Mahmoud Abdelfatah, Ali Basuni, and Mohsen Mosaad
p. 1001-1009
New soliton solutions for a discrete electrical lattice using the Jacobi elliptical function method
E. Tala-Tebue, Z.I. Djoufack, S.B. Yamgou??, A. Kenfack-Jiotsa, and T.C. Kofan??
p. 1010-1020
Synthesis, structural, dielectric and magnetic properties of spinel structure of Ca2+ substitute in Cobalt ferrites (Co1???xCaxFe2O4)
S. Gowreesan and A. Ruban Kumar
p. 1262-1272
Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc.
Investigation of structural and electronic properties of ?_-???HgS: Molecular dynamics simulations
Cihan K?_rk?_?_, Selgin AL, Ziya Merdan, ??a??atay Yam?_i?_ier, and H?_lya ??zt?_rk
p. 783-792
Electronic, optical and thermoelectric investigations of Zintl phase AE3AlAs3 (AE???=???Sr, Ba): First-principles calculations
A. Bekhti-Siad, K. Bettine, D. P Rai, Y. Al-Douri, and ... C.H. Voon
p. 870-879
Introducing ZrFe2O5 nanopowders for hyperthermia applications
Majid Abdellahi, Zahra Aslani, Negar Nazemi, and Saeid Jabbrzare
p. 880-885
Photoluminescence of polycrystalline CuIn0.5Ga0.5Te2 thin films grown by flash evaporation
L. Yandjah, L. Bechiri, M. Benabdeslem, N. Benslim, and ... A. Ziani
p. 904-910
Magnetic moment collapse induced by high-pressure in semi-borides TM2B (TM???=???Fe, Co). A first-principles study Original research article
A. Gueddouh
p. 944-957
Relevance of inter-site Coulomb repulsion on high-Tc superconductivity within t???J???V model
P. Pal, K. Roy, S. Nath, and N.K. Ghosh
p. 958-964
Single or both site doped BiFeO3???Which is better candidate for profound electronic device applications?
Mukesh K. Mishra and R.N. Mahaling
p. 965-973
Magnetization dynamics of an integrable model of 3D ferromagnetic spin system
M.M. Latha and G. Addaline Stally
p. 1021-1032
First principles calculations of the structural, electronic and optical properties of the mixed fluorides SrxCd1???xF2
R. Khemici, Z. Chouahda, L. Tairi, F. Semari, and ... S. Ghemid
p. 1033-1044
Heat capacity and entropy of two electrons quantum dot in a magnetic field with parabolic interaction
M.M. Al Shorman, F.S. Nammas, H. Haddad, and A.A. Shukri
p. 1057-1063
Insight into the structural, electronic and elastic properties of AInQ2 (A: K, Rb and Q: S, Se, Te) layered structures from first-principles calculations
Gh. Belgoumri, A. Bentabet, R. Khenata, Y. Bouhadda, and ... S. Bounab
p. 1074-1088
Effect of Co doping on CIS2 thin films
M.A. Sangamesha, K. Pushpalatha, and G.L. Shekar
p. 1147-1157
Synthesis and characterizations of Ho2O3 modified SrBi2Nb2O9 ceramics
Mohamed Afqir, Amina Tachafine, Didier Fasquelle, Mohamed Elaatmani, and ... Mohamed Daoud
p. 1158-1165
A tunable spatial spin splitter based on a spin???orbit-coupling modulated magnetic nanostructure
Xu-Hui Liu, Chang-Shi Liu, Bing-Fa Xiao, and Ye-Gang Lu
p. 1212-1219
First-principles calculations of the stibnite at the level of modified Becke???Johnson exchange potential
Ali Banijamali, Rashid Ahmed, Amiruddin Shaari, Ying Xuan Ng, and Abdullahi Lawal
p. 1331-1344
DFT study of structural, electronic and elastic properties of two polymorphs of monoclinic CsGaQ2 (Q???=???S, Se)
N. Benmekideche, A. Bentabet, Y. Bouhadda, D. Boubatra, and ... K. Benyelloul
p. 1345-1352
Polymer, Soft Matter, Biological, and Interdisciplinary Physics
Exact results on the ground-state of a model for an intrinsically curved semiflexible biopolymer
Zicong Zhou
p. 863-869
A spatiotemporal master equation model of morphogen transport: Local accumulation times, noise measurement and diffusion force
Hongwei Yin and Xiaoqing Wen
p. 922-931
A mathematical model for transmission dynamics of HIV/AIDS with effect of weak CD4+ T cells
Ajoy Dutta and Praveen Kumar Gupta
p. 1045-1056
Stability and bifurcation of delayed bidirectional gene regulatory networks with negative feedback loops
Qiang Lai
p. 1064-1073