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Volume 58, No 1

April 2019

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Volume 56, Number 4
August 2018


Research Articles
Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Complex Networks
Density ratio effect on particle sedimentation in a vertical channel
Yong Rao, Chaofeng Liu, Huatao Wang, Yushan Ni, Chao Lv, Shuang Liu, Yamei Lan, and Shiming Wang
p. 1427-1438
Comparison of the influences of nodal dynamics on network synchronized regions
Longkun Tang and Jianli Liang
p. 1488-1496
Natural convective heat transfer of Ag-water nanofluid flow inside enclosure with center heater and bottom heat source
Thangavelu Mahalakshmi, Nagarajan Nithyadevi, Hakan. F. Oztop, and Nidal Abu-Hamdeh
p. 1497-1507
Entropy generation minimization and statistical declaration with probable error for skin friction coefficient and Nusselt number
Muhammad Ijaz Khan, Sumaira Qayyum, T. Hayat, and A. Alsaedi
p. 1525-1546
Stochastic resonance in multi-stable system driven by L$\mathrm{\acute{e}}$vy noise
Dongying Han, Xiao Su, and Peiming Shi
p. 1559-1569
Lattice Boltzmann method for nanofluid flow in a porous cavity with heat sources and magnetic field
M. Sheikholeslami and K. Vajravelu
p. 1578-1587
Weak signal detection based on underdamped stochastic resonance with an exponential bistable potential
Li-fang He, Li Cao, Gang Zhang, and Tian Yi
p. 1588-1598
The stability of impulsive incommensurate fractional order chaotic systems with Caputo derivative
Runzi Luo and Haipeng Su
p. 1599-1608
Construction of chaotic quantum magnets and matrix Lorenz systems S-boxes and their applications
Iqtadar Hussain, Amir Anees, Ali Hussain AlKhaldi, Abdulmohsen Algarni, and Muhammad Aslam
p. 1609-1621
On multi switching compound synchronization of non identical chaotic systems
Nitish Prajapati, Ayub Khan, and Dinesh Khattar
p. 1656-1666
Optimal weights decoding of M-ary suprathreshold stochastic resonance in stochastic pooling network
Bingchang Zhou, Xuelin Wang, and Qianqian Qi
p. 1718-1726
Lie symmetry analysis, conservation laws and analytic solutions of the time fractional Kolmogorov-Petrovskii-Piskunov equation
Chun-Yan Qin, Shou-Fu Tian, Xiu-Bin Wang, Li Zou, and Tian-Tian Zhang
p. 1734-1742
General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, etc.
Herding and zero-intelligence agents in the order book dynamics of an artificial double auction market
Wei-Te Yu and Hsuan-Yi Chen
p. 1405-1414
A simple approximation for Ising spin models
Hadey K. Mohamad
p. 1547-1550
Gravitation and Astrophysics
Effect of entropy on properties of proto neutron star PSR J0348+0432
Xian-Feng Zhao
p. 1648-1655
Nuclear Physics
Partial $\alpha$-decay half-lives of ground to ground and ground to excited states of Thorium family
M.R. Pahlavani and N. Karamzadeh
p. 1727-1733
Plasma and Beam Physics
Power determination and hydrino product characterization of ultra-low field ignition of hydrated silver shots
R. Mills, Y. Lu, and R. Frazer
p. 1667-1717
Condensed Matter: Structure, etc.
The effect of pressure variation on the elasticity and thermodynamic properties of CaLiF3 for low birefringent lens materials
Nazia Erum and Muhammad Azhar Iqbal
p. 1353-1361
Synthesis and optical properties of La$_{1-x}$Ce$_{x}$MnO$_{3}$ studied by infrared reflectivity measurements
Javed Ahmad, Javed Ahmad, Uzaira Ahmad, and Syed Hamad Bukhari
p. 1439-1448
Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc.
Role of dopant Ga in tuning the band gap of rutile TiO$_2$ from first principles
Yu-zhen Fang, Xiang-jin Kong, Dong-ting Wang, Shou-xin Cui, and Jun-hai Liu
p. 1370-1377
Closed form analytical formulas for ground state energies in quantum Hall effect regime
Z. Bentalha
p. 1378-1385
Insight into the physical properties of two niobium based compounds, Nb$_3$Be and Nb$_3$Be$_2$, via a first principles calculation
Md. Zahidur Rahaman and Md. Lokman Ali
p. 1386-1393
Phase stability, electronic, magnetic and elastic properties of Ni$_2CoZ(Z=Ga, Sn): A first principles study with GGA method and GGA+U approach
Youcef GUERMIT, Mohammed DRIEF, Nour-eddine BENKHETTOU, Tayeb LANTRI, Boualem ABIDRI, and Djamel RACHED
p. 1394-1404
Photonic crystal microcavity as a highly sensitive platform for RI detection
Merzoug Ammari, Farida Hobar, and Mohamed Bouchemat
p. 1415-1419
Investigation of the structural and electrical properties of air-annealed ruthenium thin films on 6H-SiC at different temperatures
Kinnock Vundawaka Munthali
p. 1420-1426
Growth, spectroscopic studies, and third order non-linear optical analysis of an organic dicarboxylic acid based single crystal: Urea Oxalic acid
S. Jeeva, S. Muthu, S. Tamilselvan, M. Lydia Caroline, P. Purushothaman, S. Sevvanthi, G. Vinitha, and G. Mani
p. 1449-1466
A study on the electrical conduction in solid mixtures of PMMA and a molecular material
D. Bhakat and A. Bhattacharjee
p. 1467-1475
Exploring the possibility of GaPNTs as new materials for hydrogen storage
Mahnaz Mohammadi
p. 1476-1480
Pressure induced band-gap tuning in KNbO$_3$ for piezoelectric applications: Quantum DFT-GGA approach
M.A. Faridi, Saad Tariq, M. Imran Jamil, Abeeha Batool, Sohail Nadeem, and Aneela Amin
p. 1481-1487
Computational investigations of mechanical and dynamical properties of gold-based compounds (X$_3$Au, X=Ti, Zr and V)
Selgin Al, Nihat Arikan, Mustafa $\mathrm{\ddot{O}}$zduran, and Ahmet ??yig?_r
p. 1508-1514
Structural, elastic and optoelectronic properties of Sr-based perovskite-type oxides SrXO$_3$ (M=Th, Zr) via first-principles calculations
M.A. Ghebouli, T. Chihi, F. Dahmane, B. Ghebouli, M. Fatmi, T. Seddik, A. Abdiche, and R. Khenata
p. 1515-1524
Investigation of structural, half-metallic and elastic properties of a new full-Heusler compound-Ir$_2$MnSi
E.G. ??zdemir, E. Eser, and Z. Merdan
p. 1551-1558
Ferromagnetism in GaN doped with transition metals and rare-earth elements: A review
M. Shakil, Abrar Hussain, M. Zafar, Shabir Ahmad, M.I. Khan, M. Kashif Masood, and Abdul Majid
p. 1570-1577
Research Articles
Electronic and thermoelectric properties of zigzag and armchair boron nitride nanotubes in the presence of C island
Mohammed H. Mohammed
p. 1622-1632
A low-energy physics of an extended Hubbard chain with additional three-body couplings
Na Zhao, Hanqin Ding, Jun Zhang, and Yongdong He
p. 1633-1639
Magnetic properties in different fullerenes X$_n$ nano-structures: Monte Carlo study
S. Aouini, A. Mhirech, A. Alaoui-Ismaili, and L. Bahmad
p. 1640-1647
Structural and electronic properties of Sb$_n$Al$^{(0,\pm1)}$ (n=1-10) clusters using density-functional theory
Zhang, Y.X., Shi, S.P., Liu, Y.L., Yan, M., Zhao, X.F., and Jiang, G.
p. 1743-1755
Structural, electronic and optical properties of cubic fluoroelpasolite Cs$_2$NaYF$_6$ by density functional theory
M. Houari, B. Bouadjemi, A. Abbad, W. Benstaali, S. Haid, T. Lantri, A. Zitouni, S. Bentata, B. Bouhafs, and Z. Aziz
p. 1756-1763
First-principle study of the electronic, magnetic and structural characteristics of the Mn$_2$CoAs$_{1-x}$Al$_x$ (x=0,0.25,0.50,0.75) Heusler alloys
F. Dahmane, F. Semari, B. Doumi, S. Bin Omran, Deo Parkash, K.D. Verma, and R. Khenata
p. 1764-1771
An examination of the structural, electronic, elastic, vibrational and thermodynamic properties of $\mathrm{Ru_{2}YGa}$ (Y=Sc, Ti and V) Heusler alloys
A. Candan, S. Akbudak, M. ??zduran, and A. ??yig?_r
p. 1772-1780
Spray pyrolised Al/ZnO: Al heterojunction: Effect of Al on junction properties
M.A. Rahman, M. Mozibur Rahman, A.M.M. Tanveer Karim, M.A. Sattar, M.A. Halim, and M.K.R. Khan
p. 1781-1788
The tunable magnetic properties and microstructures of Co-Ni double-substituted M-type Casrla hexaferrites
Yujie Yang, Fanhou Wang, Juxiang Shao, Khalid Mujasam Batoo, and Duohui Huang
p. 1789-1798
Polymer, Soft Matter, Biological, and Interdisciplinary Physics
Stability analysis and control of the glucose insulin glucagon system in humans
Muhammad Farman, Muhammad Umer Saleem, M.O. Ahmed, and Aqeel Ahmad
p. 1362-1369