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Volume 65, No 1

June 2020

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Volume 58, Number 1
April 2019


Research Articles
General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, etc.
Physical properties of the projectile motion using the conformable derivative
Fahad M. Alharbi, Dumitru Baleanu, and Abdelhalim Ebaid
p. 18-28
Numerical Solutions of Fractional Burgers??Type Equations with Conformable Derivative
Mehmet Senol, Orkun Tasbozan, and Ali Kurt
p. 75-84
The κ-deformed boson algebra and parafermion algebra
Won Sang Chung and Hassan Hassanabadi
p. 190-201
Pressure tensor and surface tension of an associating Lennard-Jones fluid confined in a closed spherical cavity
Liu Shu-jing, Li Jiang-tao, Gu Fang, and Wang Hai-jun
p. 339-347
Gravitation and Astrophysics
Self-gravitating gaseous spheres in 5D framework
E.E. Kangal
p. 85-97
Ghost dark energy model in $\mathcal(f(G))$ gravity
M. Sharif and Saadia Saba
p. 202-211
Elementary Particles and Fields
Constraints on bosonic dark matter with low threshold germanium detector at Kuo-Sheng reactor neutrino laboratory
Manoj Kumar Singh, Lakhwinder Singh, Mehmet Agartioglu, Vivek Sharma, Venktesh Singh, and Henry Tsz-king Wong
p. 63-74
Nuclear Physics
Shell closure effects on spectral statistics of calcium neutron-rich isotopes
S. Behnia and V. Razazi
p. 29-37
The odd??even effect of fragmentation cross sections produced in the de-excitation process
Jinxia Cheng, Donghai Zhang, Junsheng Li, and Junlong Tian
p. 38-48
Quantum Information and Quantum Computation
Entanglement and Gaussian interferometric power dynamics in an optomechanical system with radiation pressure
M. Amazioug, M. Nassik, and N. Habiballah
p. 1-7
On the question of secret probability distributions in quantum bit commitment
Chi-Yee Cheung
p. 320-323
Fluid Dynamics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Complex Networks
Shapes and dynamics of dual-mode Hirota??Satsuma coupled KdV equations: Exact traveling wave solutions and analysis
Marwan Alquran, Imad Jaradat, and Dumitru Baleanu
p. 49-56
Initial value-related dynamical analysis of the memristor-based system with reduced dimensions and its chaotic synchronization via adaptive sliding mode control method
Fuhong Min, Chuang Li, Lei Zhang, and Chunbiao Li
p. 117-131
The extended modified method applied to optical solitons solutions in birefringent fibers with weak nonlocal nonlinearity and four wave mixing
Huitzilin Yépez-Martínez, Hadi Rezazadeh, Abbagari Souleymanou, Serge Paulin Takougoum Mukam, Mostafa Eslami, Victor Kamgang Kuetche, and Ahmet Bekir
p. 137-150
Control of chaos in thermal convection loop by state space linearization
Zainab Rana, Muhammad Aqeel, Javeria Ayub, and Mansoor Shaukat
p. 166-178
Decreasing bit error rate by using enhanced tristable logical stochastic resonance in heavy noise condition
Siliang Lu, Zhijia Dai, Yongbin Liu, Guoqiang Liu, Hui Yang, and Feifei Wang
p. 179-189
Effects of coagulation on the two-phase peristaltic pumping of magnetized prandtl biofluid through an endoscopic annular geometry containing a porous medium
M.M. Bhatti, A. Zeeshan, R. Ellahi, O. Anwar Bég, and A. Kadir
p. 222-234
Hydrothermal and second law behavior for charging of NEPCM in a two dimensional thermal storage unit
M. Sheikholeslami, M. Jafaryar, Ahmad Shafee, and Zhixiong Li
p. 244-252
Dissipative and conservative chaotic nature of a new quasi-periodically forced oscillator with megastability
Karthikeyan Rajagopal, Jay Prakash Singh, Binoy Krishna Roy, and Anitha Karthikeyan
p. 263-272
Self-similar solution for the flow behind an exponential shock wave in a rotational axisymmetric non-ideal gas with magnetic field
G. Nath, P.K. Sahu, and S. Chaurasia
p. 280-293
MHD flow in a vertical channel under the effect of temperature dependent physical parameters
Jawali C. Umavathi, Syed Mohiuddin, and Mikhail A. Sheremet
p. 324-338
Plasma and Beam Physics
Dust acoustic waves in a dusty plasma containing hybrid Cairns??Tsallis-distributed electrons and variable size dust grains
W.F. El-Taibany, N.M. El-Siragy, E.E. Behery, A.A. El-Bendary, and R.M. Taha
p. 151-158
Condensed Matter: Structure, etc.
Erratum to ??Experimental study of quench in the short sample of Bi-2223/AgMg tape in a conduction??convection cooling regime??[Chin. J. Phys. 55(5) 1787??993]
M. Abdollahi, J. Mahmoodi, N. Alinejad, and N. Abdollahi
p. 57-57
Research Articles
Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc.
Structural, electronic and magnetic properties of aluminium phosphide nanotube doped by cobalt, nickel and manganese
M.J. Mahmoodabadi, S.M. Baizaee, H. Saberi, and M. Ansarian
p. 8-17
Critical and compensation behaviors of a mixed spin (5/2,2) Ising system on a graphene layer
A. Feraoun, S. Amraoui, and M. Kerouad
p. 98-108
Effects of lithium impurities on electronic and optical properties of graphene nanoflakes: A DFT??TDDFT study
Fouad N. Ajeel, Mohammed H. Mohammed, and Alaa M. Khudhair
p. 109-116
First principles study of RbVF$_3$: A spin gapless semiconductor under high pressure
Huang H.M., Jiang Z.Y., Yang J.T., Xiong Y.C., He Z.D., Zhu Z.W., and Laref A.
p. 132-136
Defects anomaly in cobalt-doped ZnO nanostructures using optical and charge transient analysis
Amir Zia, S. Ahmed, and M. Ali
p. 159-165
Density functional theory study on the effect of tensile deformation on the electrical structure of O adsorbed graphyne
Lin Wei, Guili Liu, Yidan Tang, and Chaoqun Yu
p. 212-221
Size dependent optical properties of ZnO@Ag core/shell nanostructures
Gashaw Beyene, Teshome Senbeta, and Belayneh Mesfin
p. 235-243
DFT studies of nanomaterials designed by the functionalization of modified carboxylated carbon nanotubes with biguanide derivatives for nanomedical, nonlinear and electronic applications
Y. Tadjouteu Assatse, G.W. Ejuh, F. Tchoffo, and J.M.B. Ndjaka
p. 253-262
Quantum phase transitions in the two dimensional ionic-Hubbard model
Ahmad Shahbazy and Morad Ebrahimkhas
p. 273-279
Synthesis, growth and characterization of semi-organic nonlinear optical L-threnoninum sodium fluoride (LTSF) crystal for photonics application
S.E. Allen Moses, S. Tamilselvan, S.M. Ravi Kumar, and J. Johnson
p. 294-302
Comparative studies on physical and spectroscopic properties of alumino bismuth borate glasses containing Pb, Zn & Cd ions
A.V. Lalitha Phani, B. Srinivas, Abdul Hameed, M. Narasimha Chary, J.L. Rao, and MD. Shareefuddin
p. 303-319
Synthesis, characterization and photovoltaic applications of noble metal??doped ZnS quantum dots
Uzma Jabeen, Tham Adhikari, Syed Mujtaba Shah, Dinesh Pathak, Vaneet Kumar, Jean-Michel Nunzi, Muhammad Aamir, and Ayesha Mushtaq
p. 348-362
Polymer, Soft Matter, Biological, and Interdisciplinary Physics
The photon interaction cross sections of blood
Aysun Böke and Duygu Gencer
p. 58-62