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Volume 67, No 1

October 2020

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Volume 67, Number 1
October 2020


Research Articles
General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, etc.
New travelling wave and anti-kink wave solutions of space-time fractional (3+1)-Dimensional Jimbo–Miwa equation
S. Sahoo, S. Sahoo, S. Saha Ray, and S. Saha Ray
p. 79-85
Adiabatic invariant in light of Hamilton’s principle
Yih-Yuh Chen
p. 253-264
Testing the energy diffusion approximation for the escape of a Brownian particle from a potential pocket
I.I. Gontcha and M.V. Chushnyakova
p. 388-397
Optical solitons with differential group delay for Kudryashov’s model by the auxiliary equation mapping method
Elsayed M.E. Zayed, Reham M.A. Shohib, Anjan Biswas, Mehmet Ekici, Luminita Moraru, Abdullah Kamis Alzahrani, and Milivoj R. Belic
p. 631-645
New method for solving fractional partial integro-differential equations by combination of Laplace transform and resolvent kernel method
Jian Rong Loh, Chang Phang, and Kim Gaik Tay
p. 666-680
Gravitation and Astrophysics
Thermodynamics of rotating regular black holes
M. Sharif and H. Saba Nawaz
p. 193-202
Exact solutions to 2D isothermal Euler-Poisson equations with qualitative analysis
Sen Wong, Ling Hei Yeung, and Manwai Yuen
p. 293-304
The dynamical analysis of the LRS Bianchi type IV cosmological model
Mahmut Akıllı, Değer Sofuoğlu, and Nazmi Yılmaz
p. 482-491
Anisotropic fluid spheres admitting Karmarkar condition in $\textit{f}$ $\mathscr{(G,T)}$gravity
G. Mustafa, M. Farasat Shamir, Mushtaq Ahmad, and Asifa Ashraf
p. 576-589
A new (original) set of Quasi-normal modes in spherically symmetric AdS black hole spacetimes
Chun-Hung Chen, Hing-Tong Cho, and Alan S. Cornell
p. 646-656
Nuclear Physics
Study of emission characteristics of the projectile fragments produced in the interaction of $^{84}$Kr$_{36}$ with nuclear emulsion detector at 1 GeV
M.K. Singh, S. Kumar, R.K. Jain, and V. Singh
p. 107-112
Soliton solutions of higher order dispersive cubic-quintic nonlinear Schrödinger equation and its applications
Abdul Malik Sultan, Dianchen Lu, Muhammad Arshad, Hamood Ur Rehman, and Muhammad Shoaib Saleem
p. 405-413
Fluid Dynamics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Complex Networks
Construction of localized solutions to a generalized (3+1)-dimensional Burgers equation
Xiaorui Hu, Rui Zhang, Shoufeng Shen, and Wenxiu Ma
p. 161-169
Network reconstruction from binary-state time series in presence of time delay and hidden nodes
Yuhao Zhang, Huaxun Li, Zhaoyang Zhang, Yu Qian, and Vikas Pandey
p. 203-211
Multi-layer flows of immiscible fractional Maxwell fluids in a cylindrical domain
Abdul Rauf, Yasir Mahsud, and Imran Siddique
p. 265-282
Entropy generation analysis for peristaltically driven flow of hybrid nanofluid
U.M. Zahid, Y. Akbar, and F.M. Abbasi
p. 330-348
Physics of bifurcation of the flow and heat transfer through a curved duct with natural and forced convection
Mohammad Sanjeed Hasan, Rabindra Nath Mondal, and Giulio Lorenzini
p. 428-457
Multiple rogue wave solutions for (2+1)-dimensional Boussinesq equation
Jian-Guo Liu and Wen-Hui Zhu
p. 492-500
Axisymmetric convection flow of fractional Maxwell fluid past a vertical cylinder with velocity slip and temperature jump
Jinhu Zhao
p. 501-511
MHD Maxwell flow modeled by fractional derivatives with chemical reaction and thermal radiation
Bilal Jamil, Muhammad Shoaib Anwar, Amer Rasheed, and Muhammad Irfan
p. 512-533
Dynamics of combined soliton solutions of unstable nonlinear Schrodinger equation with new version of the trial equation method
Yusuf Pandir and Ali Ekin
p. 534-543
Electro-osmotic nanofluid flow in a curved microchannel
V.K. Narla, Dharmendra Tripathi, and O. Anwar Bég
p. 544-558
Finite-time modified combination synchronization of memristive FitzHugh–Nagumo circuit with unknown disturbances
Yibo Wang, Fuhong Min, Guan Huang, Yi Cao, and Biaoming Ye
p. 590-601
Design and implementation of a new memristive chaotic system with application in touchless fingerprint encryption
Qiang Lai, Zhiqiang Wan, Akif Akgul, Omer Faruk Boyraz, and Mustafa Zahid Yildiz
p. 615-630
Plasma and Beam Physics
Abundant structures of waves in plasma transitional layer sheath
H.I. Abdel-Gawad, M. Tantawy, and J.A. Tenreiro Machado
p. 147-154
Effect of viscous electron flow on THz plasma waves in field effect transistors
Liping Zhang, Hongmei Du, and Dongao Li
p. 155-160
Time-domain analysis of superluminal effect for one-dimensional Fabry-Pérot cavity
Hsin-Yu Yao and Tsun-Hsu Chang
p. 657-665
Condensed Matter: Structure, etc.
Growth, structural, spectral, thermal, electrical and optical characterization of a novel optical material: Triethanolamine picrate single crystals for optical applications
Raja Raghavan, Raja Raghavan, Seshadri Srinivasan, Seshadri Srinivasan, Santhanam Venkatakrishnan, Santhanam Venkatakrishnan, Kurinjinathan Panneerselvam, Kurinjinathan Panneerselvam, Suvasini Chandramouleeswaran, and Suvasini Chandramouleeswaran
p. 27-36
Properties of Si nanostructural modification on Si (111) surface
Yue-Hang Dong, Yue-Hang Dong, Xiang-Ping Ding, Xiang-Ping Ding, Qing-Jun Zang, Qing-Jun Zang, Wan-Sheng Su, Wan-Sheng Su, Wen-Cai Lu, and Wen-Cai Lu
p. 69-78
Electromechanical buckling analysis of boron nitride nanotube using molecular dynamic simulation
Hamid Zeighampour and YaghoubTadi beni
p. 212-221
Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc.
Synthesis, vibrational, thermal, mechanical and third-order nonlinear optical properties of sodium 4-methyl-3-nitrobenzoate monohydrate crystal for optical limiting applications
M. Divya Bharathi, M. Divya Bharathi, R. Bhuvaneswari, R. Bhuvaneswari, G. Ahila, G. Ahila, G. Vinitha, G. Vinitha, G. Anbalagan, and G. Anbalagan
p. 1-26
Growth and characterization of Catena-((μ4-dihydrogen oxalate)-bis(μ3-hydrogen oxalato)-(μ2-dihydrogen oxalate)-tetra-aqua-di-rubidium) {Rb(HC2O4)(H2C2O4)(H2O)2}1∞ single crystal for nonlinear optical applications
S. Sudha, S. Sudha, P. Jayaprakash, P. Jayaprakash, C. Rathika Thaya Kumari, C. Rathika Thaya Kumari, M. Nageshwari, M. Nageshwari, G. Vinitha, G. Vinitha, R. Ganapathi Raman, R. Ganapathi Raman, M. Lydia Caroline, and M. Lydia Caroline
p. 37-51
Enhanced properties of cadmium mercury thiocyanate bis(N-methyl formamide): A promising non-linear optical crystal
A. Subashini, A. Subashini, Author links open overlay panelA.SubashiniaK.Rajar, Author links open overlay panelA.SubashiniaK.Rajar, Suresh Sagadevan, Suresh Sagadevan, Preeti Singh, Preeti Singh, Jiban Podder, Jiban Podder, Faruq Mohammad, and Faruq Mohammad
p. 52-62
Structural, mechanical, and electronic properties of P2$_{1}$/m-Carbon
Jian-Li Ma, Jian-Li Ma, Yi-Long Wu, Yi-Long Wu, Zhi-Fen Fu, Zhi-Fen Fu, Qun Wei, Qun Wei, Hai-Ping Chen, Hai-Ping Chen, Juan Gao, Juan Gao, Jian-Ping Zhou, Jian-Ping Zhou, Peng Liu, and Peng Liu
p. 63-68
Study on the defect of sulfur substituting for phosphorus in potassium dihydrogen phosphate
Jianxiu Zhang, Jianxiu Zhang, Zhongjun Tian, Zhongjun Tian, Kunpeng Wang, and Kunpeng Wang
p. 86-90
Effect of graphene oxide dispersion in antiferroelectric liquid crystal mixture in the verge of SmC* to SmC$_{A}$* phase transition
Ayushi Rastogi, Kaushlendra Agrahari, Atul Srivastava, and Rajiv Manohar
p. 91-106
Dielectric properties and compensation behaviors of a monolayer naphthalene-like nanoisland: Monte Carlo simulations
Z. Fadil, A. Mhirech, B. Kabouchi, L. Bahmad, and W. Ousi Benomar
p. 113-123
One-dimensional comparison of Tio$_{2}$/SiO$_{2}$ and Si/SiO$_{2}$ photonic crystals filters for thermophotovoltaic applications in visible and infrared
Fabrice Kwefeu Mbakop, Ahmat Tom, Abdouramani Dadjé, Aloyem Kazé Claude Vidal, and Noël Djongyang
p. 124-134
Effect of xylenol orange on the crystalline perfection, optical, piezoelectric and NLO behavior of unidirectionally grown imidazolium L-Tartrate single crystal
S. Chinnasami, P. Rajesh, R. Bhatt, Indranil Bhaumik, P. Ramasamy, and A.K. Karnal
p. 135-146
Influence of oxygen on structural and optoelectronic properties of CdS thin film deposited by magnetron sputtering technique
M.A. Islam, S.F. wan Muhamad Hatta, H. Misran, M. Akhtaruzzaman, and N. Amin
p. 170-179
Coexistence of superconductivity and density wave orders in a one-dimensional correlated system
Yan Xu, Weiting Chen, and Hanqin Ding
p. 222-229
Numerical analysis of CdS-CIGS interface configuration on the performances of Cu(In,Ga)Se$_{2}$ solar cells
N. Guirdjebaye, A. Teyou Ngoupo, S. Ouédraogo, G.L. Mbopda Tcheum, and J.M.B. Ndjaka
p. 230-237
Packing of linearly arranged benzene molecules inside single walled carbon nanotubes: The high pressure study
Jing Fu, Zhen Yao, Chun-Jian Liu, and Hang Lv
p. 238-245
Quantum anomalous Hall insulator phases in Fe-doped GaBi honeycomb
Zhi-Quan Huang, Chia-Hsiu Hsu, Christian P. Crisostomo, Gennevieve Macam, Jing-Rong Su, Hsin Lin, Arun Bansil, and Feng-Chuan Chuang
p. 246-252
Investigation of the optical, photoluminescence, and dielectric properties of P-Toludinium picrate single crystals
Archana Rajendran, S. Sudhahar, K. Sadayandi, M. Vidhya, Suresh Sagadevan, Faruq Mohammad, and Jiban Podder
p. 283-292
Investigation on inorganic potassium lithium sulfate single crystal grown by SR method and its characterization for nonlinear optical application
C. Amirthakumar, B. Valarmathi, P. Pandi, and R. Mohan Kumar
p. 305-313
Influence of bismuth nitrate doping towards the characteristics of L-Alanine nonlinear optical crystals
N. Suresh, M. Selvapandiyan, Faruq Mohammad, and Suresh Sagadevan
p. 349-359
A compact square-shaped left-handed passive metamaterial with optimized quintuple resonance frequencies for satellite applications
Tayaallen Ramachandran, Mohammad Rashed Iqbal Faruque, and Mohammad Tariqul Islam
p. 360-375
Features of superconducting transition in nanocomposite consisting of “insulating matrix (porous alkali-borosilicate glass)” – “granular metallic filler (indium)”
O.N. Ivanov, A.V. Fokin, Yu.A. Kumzerov, and A.A. Naberezhnov
p. 376-387
‘In-situ’ ink-jet printed Fe-doped MgO thin films with tunable ferromagnetism
Mei Fang, Tianli Li, Wang Guo, Anastasia Riazanova, Mukes Kapilashrami, Jinghua Guo, K.V. Rao, and Lyubov Belova
p. 398-404
Influence of (Mn or Co)-doping on structural, magnetic and electronic properties of nano Zn$_{0.75}$Cd$_{0.25}$S
Zein K. Heiba, Mohamed Bakr Mohamed, Jasper R. Plaisier, A.M. El-naggar, and A.A. Albassam
p. 414-427
Optical and electrical investigations on Cu$_{2}$SnS$_{3}$ layers prepared by two-stage process
Phaneendra Reddy Guddeti, P. Mallika Bramaramba Devi, and K.T. Ramakrishna Reddy
p. 458-472
Ce$_{0.5}$La$_{0.5}$Ni$_{9}$Ge$_{4}$ compound: Why is cerium valence not 3+?
B.C. Braga, L.M.C. Pinto, and J.V.B. Ferreira
p. 473-481
Modulation of strain, electric field and organic cation rotation on the band gap and electronic structures of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite CH$_{3}$NH$_{3}$PbI$_{3}$
Hai-Ming Huang, Hang-Jing Zhou, Chen-Rui Wu, Zhan-Wu Zhu, and Ze-Dong He
p. 559-568
Direct growth of CVD graphene on 3D-architectured substrates for highly stable tactile sensors
Eunho Lee, Junyoung Kim, and Tae Kyu An
p. 569-575
Experimental investigation and modeling of electrical properties for phenol red thin film deposited on silicon using back propagation artificial neural network
H.A.M. Ali, E.F.M. El-Zaidia, and R.A. Mohamed
p. 602-614
An in-depth investigation of physical properties of Nd doped CdS thin films for optoelectronic applications
Kamlesh V. Chandekar, Mohd. Shkir, T. Alshahrani, Aslam Khan, and S. AlFaify
p. 681-694
Polymer, Soft Matter, Biological, and Interdisciplinary Physics
Analysis and comparison of total resistance models for accurate static modeling of long- and short-channel OTFTs produced with various organic materials
W. Boukhili, Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, and S. Wageh
p. 180-192
Alterations in blood stream by electroosmotic forces of hybrid nanofluid through diseased artery: Aneurysmal/stenosed segment
Sara I. Abdelsalam, Kh.S. Mekheimer, and A.Z. Zaher
p. 314-329