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Volume 69, No 1

February 2021

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Volume 69, Number 1
February 2021


Research Articles
General Physics: Statistical and Quantum Mechanics, etc.
Lie symmetries, optimal system and group-invariant solutions of the (3+1)-dimensional generalized KP equation
Sachin Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Wen-Xiu Ma, Wen-Xiu Ma, Wen-Xiu Ma, Amit Kumar, Amit Kumar, and Amit Kumar
p. 1-23
Hysteretic behavior of quadrupolar ordering in a 2D magnetic spin˗1 Ising nanoparticle
Rıza Erdem, Rıza Erdem, Rıza Erdem, Orhan Yalçın, Orhan Yalçın, Orhan Yalçın, Songül ?züm, Songül ?züm, Songül ?züm, Ay?e ?ahin, Ay?e ?ahin, Ay?e ?ahin, Nazlı Demirer, Nazlı Demirer, and Nazlı Demirer
p. 38-49
The noncommutative values of quantum observables
Otto C.W. Kong, Otto C.W. Kong, Otto C.W. Kong, Wei-Yin Liu, Wei-Yin Liu, and Wei-Yin Liu
p. 70-76
Solitons and conservation laws in magneto–optic waveguides with generalized Kudryashov’s equation
Elsayed M.E. Zayed, Elsayed M.E. Zayed, Elsayed M.E. Zayed, Mohamed E.M. Alngar, Mohamed E.M. Alngar, Mohamed E.M. Alngar, Anjan Biswas, Anjan Biswas, Anjan Biswas, Abdul H. Kara, Abdul H. Kara, Abdul H. Kara, Mir Asma, Mir Asma, Mir Asma, Mehmet Ekici, Mehmet Ekici, Mehmet Ekici, Salam Khan, Salam Khan, Salam Khan, Abdullah K. Alzahrani, Abdullah K. Alzahrani, Abdullah K. Alzahrani, Milivoj R. Belic, Milivoj R. Belic, and Milivoj R. Belic
p. 186-205
Gravitation and Astrophysics
Accretion onto a born-Infeld black hole
G. Abbas, G. Abbas, G. Abbas, M. Azam, M. Azam, M. Azam, A. Ditta, A. Ditta, and A. Ditta
p. 143-152
Exploring tsallis holographic dark energy scenario in $\textit{f}$ ($\textit{R,T}$) gravity
M. Zubair, M. Zubair, M. Zubair, Lala Rukh Durrani, Lala Rukh Durrani, and Lala Rukh Durrani
p. 153-171
Modeling of anisotropic spheres in extended teleparallel theory with matter coupling
Allah Ditta, Allah Ditta, Allah Ditta, Asifa Ashraf, Asifa Ashraf, Asifa Ashraf, Zhiyue Zhang, Zhiyue Zhang, Zhiyue Zhang, G. Mustafa, G. Mustafa, and G. Mustafa
p. 240-252
Classification of star/galaxy/QSO and star spectral types from LAMOST data release 5 with machine learning approaches
Wen Xiao-Qing and Yang Jin-Meng
p. 303-311
Bardeen compact stars in modified $\textit{f}$ (R) gravity
M. Farasat Shamir and Adnan Malik
p. 312-321
Nuclear Physics
Exploring the core deformation properties of $^{29}$F halo nucleus using T- and Y-configurations
Jobaidul Islam, Jobaidul Islam, Jobaidul Islam, Shahidan Radiman, Shahidan Radiman, Shahidan Radiman, Kok Siong Khoo, Kok Siong Khoo, and Kok Siong Khoo
p. 263-270
Quantum Information and Quantum Computation
Retraction notice to “Superluminal effect in hybrid nano-electro-optomechanical system”
Aiman al Omari, Aiman al Omari, and Aiman al Omari
p. 108-108
Fluid Dynamics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Complex Networks
Inclined magnetic field and nanoparticle aggregation effects on thermal Marangoni convection in nanoliquid: A sensitivity analysis
Joby Mackolil, Joby Mackolil, Joby Mackolil, B. Mahanthesh, B. Mahanthesh, and B. Mahanthesh
p. 24-37
Multi-wave trains and Sasa - Satsuma freak events generation in an optical metamaterial
Bedel Giscard Onana Essama, Bedel Giscard Onana Essama, Bedel Giscard Onana Essama, Salome Ndjakomo Essiane, Salome Ndjakomo Essiane, Salome Ndjakomo Essiane, Frederic Biya - Motto, Frederic Biya - Motto, Frederic Biya - Motto, Mohammed Shabat, Mohammed Shabat, Mohammed Shabat, Jacques Atangana, Jacques Atangana, and Jacques Atangana
p. 50-69
Study on the mean first-passage time and stochastic resonance of a multi-stable system with colored correlated noises
Dongying Han, Dongying Han, Dongying Han, Peiming Shi, Peiming Shi, and Peiming Shi
p. 98-107
Models base study of inclined MHD of hybrid nanofluid flow over nonlinear stretching cylinder
Nadeem Abbas, Nadeem Abbas, Nadeem Abbas, S. Nadeem, S. Nadeem, S. Nadeem, Anber Saleem, Anber Saleem, Anber Saleem, M.Y. Malik, M.Y. Malik, M.Y. Malik, Alibek Issakhov, Alibek Issakhov, Alibek Issakhov, Fahd M. Alharbi, Fahd M. Alharbi, and Fahd M. Alharbi
p. 109-117
Heat generation/absorption effect on MHD flow of hybrid nanofluid over bidirectional exponential stretching/shrinking sheet
Nurul Amira Zainal, Nurul Amira Zainal, Nurul Amira Zainal, Roslinda Nazar, Roslinda Nazar, Roslinda Nazar, Kohilavani Naganthran, Kohilavani Naganthran, Kohilavani Naganthran, Ioan Pop, Ioan Pop, and Ioan Pop
p. 118-133
Transportation of magnetite nanofluid flow and heat transfer over a rotating porous disk with Arrhenius activation energy: Fourth order Noumerov’s method
R. Kumar, R. Kumar, R. Kumar, A. Bhattacharyya, A. Bhattacharyya, A. Bhattacharyya, G.S. Seth, G.S. Seth, G.S. Seth, Ali J. Chamkha, Ali J. Chamkha, and Ali J. Chamkha
p. 172-185
Study for particular solutions of cylindrical shock waves in magnetogasdynamics
Anoop Kumar, Anoop Kumar, and Anoop Kumar
p. 285-294
Plasma and Beam Physics
Weak dissipation of electrostatic solitary structures in warm collisional pair-ion plasmas with non-Maxwellian electron population
M. Arham, M. Arham, M. Arham, S.A. Khan, S.A. Khan, S.A. Khan, Majid Khan, Majid Khan, and Majid Khan
p. 77-88
Shock waves in magnetized plasmas with superthermal trapped electrons.
S. Sultana, S. Sultana, and S. Sultana
p. 206-218
An investigation of the effects of plasma-heating on the resistive-driven filamentation modes
H. Khanzadeh, H. Khanzadeh, H. Khanzadeh, M. Mahdavi, M. Mahdavi, and M. Mahdavi
p. 253-262
Condensed Matter: Electronic Properties, etc.
Influence of number of deposited layers on the microstructure, hydrophobicity and electro-optical properties of electrospun Al-doped ZnO thin films
Hamid Esfahani, Hamid Esfahani, Hamid Esfahani, Nikou Khoshnoodan, Nikou Khoshnoodan, and Nikou Khoshnoodan
p. 89-97
Solution combustion synthesis of NaFePO$_{4}$ and its electrochemical performance
S.N. Yadav, S.N. Yadav, S.N. Yadav, S.J. Rajoba, S.J. Rajoba, S.J. Rajoba, R.S. Kalubarme, R.S. Kalubarme, R.S. Kalubarme, V.G. Parale, V.G. Parale, V.G. Parale, L.D. Jadhav, L.D. Jadhav, and L.D. Jadhav
p. 134-142
Performance enhancement of a compact patch antenna using an optimized EBG structure
Noureddine Melouki, Noureddine Melouki, Noureddine Melouki, Abdesselam Hocini, Abdesselam Hocini, Abdesselam Hocini, Tayeb A. Denidni, Tayeb A. Denidni, and Tayeb A. Denidni
p. 219-229
Design and Numerical Simulation of a Bandpass Filter Nano-film
Jian-Xiao Liu, Jian-Xiao Liu, Jian-Xiao Liu, Ling-Hui Meng, Ling-Hui Meng, Ling-Hui Meng, Ke-Da Gu, Ke-Da Gu, Ke-Da Gu, Lei Xia, Lei Xia, Lei Xia, Wan-Chun Tang, Wan-Chun Tang, Wan-Chun Tang, Hong-Wei Yang, Hong-Wei Yang, and Hong-Wei Yang
p. 230-239
Polymer, Soft Matter, Biological, and Interdisciplinary Physics
Study of couple stresses and wall permeability effects on the flow in permeable membranes
Muhammad Kahshan, Muhammad Kahshan, Muhammad Kahshan, Dianchen Lu, Dianchen Lu, Dianchen Lu, A. Khan, A. Khan, A. Khan, Naeem?Faraz, Naeem?Faraz, and Naeem?Faraz
p. 271-284
Building (1+1) holographic superconductors in the presence of non-linear Electrodynamics
Grigoris Panotopoulos, Grigoris Panotopoulos, and Grigoris Panotopoulos
p. 295-302