The two publications of the Physical Society of Republic of China consist of the English version of the Chinese Journal of Physics (CJP) and Physics Bimonthly (Chinese).

Introduction to the Chinese Journal of Physics (CJP)

The Chinese Journal of Physics (CJP) is the most important journal of the Physical Society of Republic of China. It was first published in April, 1963, and thus has a history of 50 years. JIP was included in the Science Citation Index (SCI) in 1992. In terms of both quality and quantities of academic papers published the journal has achieved international standards. It is published bimonthly, with six issues published annually.

From June, 2003, CJP adopted the LaTeX typesetting format so as to be in line with the American Physical Society (APS). This has lead to the internationalization of the journal. The web editorial system adopted by CJP is Open Source, which allows frequent upgrade. The source of papers is increasingly globalized, but mainly draws on Asia, Africa, and Europe. The rejection rate is approximately 70 %.

An on line referee system was formally launched in 2008, to accelerate the speed of manuscript processing and to provide increasingly comprehensive services to editors and authors. In addition, the Rules for Outstanding Thesis Award of CJP were executed in 2009 in order to encourage Taiwanese researchers to submit their papers to the CJP, enhance quality of papers, and increase the number of citations so as to improve international visibility.

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Introduction to the Physics Bimonthly

The predecessor of the Physics Bimonthly was the Physical Society of Republic of China News Report, which enabled communication between members of the Society. Because members believed Taiwan was lacking a publication that specializes in the introduction of developments and new knowledge in the physics world, the Physics Bimonthly was first published in July, 1979, under the title Physics Quarterly. This journal was published every three months. Mr. Ta-You Wu was invited to inscribe the title for the journal cover. The journal title was changed to the Physics Society Journal in June, 1987, and again to the Physics Bimonthly in 1993.

Physics Bimonthly is a publication that reports on dynamic developments in the physics domain. The journal explains profound knowledge in an understandable way and different themes are discussed in each issue. These special topics include large-scale research facilities, giant magnetoresistance, quantum data and quantum computing, nanophotonics and nanoelectronic semiconductor materials and devices. The journal also features special columns such as Physics Olympia examination questions, exclusive interviews, new physical knowledge, physical humanities, and awards for outstanding young physicists, physics education, and random thoughts of physicists, physics freshmen, women in physics, international conference reports, and physics history of the month. The journal is not only for Society members, it is also suitable for university students and others who are interested in physics and who would like to understand the trends and status quo of physics development.

Currently editors of the Physics Bimonthly include researchers in the field of physics from universities and research institutions in Taiwan. Their efforts make the contents of the Physics Bimonthly more colorful and enrich its value as a journal. From August, 1998, each issue of the Physics Bimonthly has also been published on the website of the Physical Society of Republic of China. It is our hope to make this publication the most popular journal of the physics circle, as well as a favorite reading corner for Internet browsers.