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 2024 International Workshop on Transport and Optics in Topological Systems

2024 International Workshop on Transport and Optics in Topological Systems

International Workshop on Transport and Optics in Topological Systems

Welcome to TOTS 2024 !

In light of the rapid and significant advancements in topological systems, we are pleased to announce the organization of a three-day workshop focused on transports and optics in topological systems (TOTS) at Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica in Taipei, scheduled from June 12th to 14th, 2024. This workshop
is proudly sponsored by the Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, the National Science and Technology Council, and the National Center of Theoretical Physics in Taiwan.

The primary objective of the TOTS workshop is to foster international collaborations and facilitate interactions among researchers, both local to Taiwan and worldwide. The workshop will primarily concentrate on, though not exclusively limited to, exploring nonreciprocal charge transports and nonlinear optics phenomena in topological systems. Throughout the three-day event, nine focused sessions featuring invited speakers from various parts of the world will be arranged. A comprehensive
program outlining the schedule and details of each segment can be found through the following link:

We eagerly anticipate your participation in this event. Abstract submissions for the poster sessions and registrations are now open online and welcome.

TOTS 2024 Organizing Committee
- Prof. Guang-Yu Guo (National Taiwan University)
- Dr. Wei-Li Lee (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)
- Dr. Hsin Lin (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)
- Prof. Chih-Wei Luo (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)
- Dr. Yu-Chieh Wen (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)

Important Dates
- Poster abstract submission deadline: March 15th, 2024
- Notification of poster acceptance: March 30th, 2024
- Early-bird payment deadline: April 15th, 2024
- Online registration deadline: May 15th, 2024
- Onsite registration date: June 12th, 2024
活動資訊 / 2024-05-06
 敬邀投稿2024年E-MRS Fall Meeting研討會

敬邀投稿2024年E-MRS Fall Meeting研討會

2024 E-MRS Fall Meeting將於2024年9月16-19日於波蘭華沙之華沙科技大學(University of Technology in Warsaw)舉辦,為歐洲最重要的材料領域研討會之一,共有20個論壇,其中由國立中正大學張國恩教授辦理Symposium K: Ultra-doped semiconductors made by non-equilibrium processing for electronic, photonic and spintronic applications II。 論壇主題包含:Optoelectronic devices based on hyperdoped Si, Ge, III-V and GeSn including photodetectors at infrared wavelengthHyperdoped semiconductors (Si, Ge and III-V) for plasmonics: tunable plasmonic frequency by doping concentration, plasmonic structural designHyperdoped semiconductors (Si, Ge, SiGe and GeSn) for future field-effect transistorsHighly mismatched alloys, such as GeSn, SiGeSn, GaAsN, GaPN …Ferromagnetic semiconductors, including transition metal doped III-V and IV semiconductors and their structural characterizationDiamond, Si, Ge and SiC based superconductors: Boron doping, superconducting properties, applications for quantum technologyManufacturing hyperdoped and mismatched materials – Out of the equilibrium techniques, including ion implantation, low-temperature molecular beam epitaxy, lowtemperature chemical vapor deposition, pulsed laser melting and flash lamp annealingAdvanced characterization technologies for impurities and defects at atomic scale: including Atom probe tomography (APT), High resolution transmission electron microscopy, Rutherford backscattering/channeling, Emission channeling, X-ray spectroscopiesFirst-principle calculation regarding the impurity and defect configurationChallenges for doping emerging materials, such as 2D semiconductors, ultra-wide bandgap semiconductors and topological insulatorsNew concepts for doping, such as polarization-induced hole doping in widebandgap semiconductors相關網址如下:E-MRS Fall Meeting: K:歡迎各位學界先進踴躍賜稿,共襄盛舉,若有任何問題,歡迎聯繫張國恩老師。 截稿日期06/06/2024。聯絡人: 張國恩              Email:              TEL: (05)272--0411 Ext. 33324                        (05)272-9024
活動資訊 / 2024-05-03


「2024大學生暑期跨校專題研究計畫」提供大專生在暑假期間能夠參與前沿科學研究的機會,經由為期六週(113年7月15日至8月23日)的專題研究實習,探索個人對於科學研究的方向,強化自身在科學研究上之知識與能力。2024大學生暑期跨校專題研究計畫簡章一、時    間:113年7月15日至同年8月23日 (共六週)。二、主    旨:2024大學生暑期跨校專題研究計畫,提供大專生在暑假期間能夠參與前沿的科學研究的機會,並經由為期六週的專題研究實習探索個人對於科學研究的方向,強化自身在科學研究上之知識與能力。三、參加對象:具基礎研究能力之在學大學生,在臺需有正式學籍及居留證。四、獎助學金:新臺幣2萬元 (7-11月需符合學籍規定並繳交研究報告,並必須於9/3之成果會議上發表成果,研究期間食宿自理)。五、報名方式:請於113年5月10日(三)前完成,逾期恕不受理。1. 上網填妥報名表,報名網址: 另備 (1)推薦函 (2)個人履歷 (所有履歷請合成一個PDF,內容包括:個人簡介、申請動機、相關的學習經歷及研究,及其他有利審查資料)以電子郵件寄至,主旨請敘明「(姓名) 報名2024大學生暑期跨校專題研究計畫」,逾期不受理。六、錄取通知:將由各實驗室老師依志願序及報名文件評定優先錄取順序名單,申請結果將於113年6月4日(二)公布於本計畫網站,亦將個別以電子郵件通知。七、研究室名單及介紹:有關各實驗對學生能力要求、專題名稱及內容簡介,請見附件「2024大學生暑期跨校專題研究計畫 實驗室名單.PDF」。八、注意事項:如因疫情等不可抗力因素,主辦單位將視情況調整活動內容,請以最後公告內容為準。九、聯絡電話:(03)4227151分機65955王小姐、聯絡信箱◎  實驗室名單縣市學校科系實驗室指導教授實習人數新北市淡江大學物理學系先進能源材料電子結構實驗室董崇禮2新北市淡江大學物理學系能源材料實驗室莊程豪2桃園市中央大學生醫科學與工程學系生醫微系統整合實驗室陳健章1桃園市中央大學物理系光子作用與光譜分析實驗室陳俞融1桃園市中央大學物理系光梳雷射光譜實驗室鄭王曜2桃園市中央大學物理系強場物理與超快技術實驗室白植豪1桃園市中央大學物理系量子光學實驗室廖文德1桃園市中央大學物理系理論量子與統計物理研究室陳炯豪1-2桃園市中央大學光電科學與工程學系電漿子光學實驗室王智明2桃園市中央大學光電科學與工程學系液晶光電實驗室鄭恪亭1-2新竹市陽明交通大學電子物理系超快動力學實驗室羅志偉2新竹市清華大學物理系軟物質實驗室洪在明2新竹市清華大學物理系量子凝態材料實驗室徐斌睿1台中巿東海大學應用物理系奈米光電實驗室李其紘、簡世森2臺南市成功大學物理系成大高能與高能核物理實驗室楊毅1高雄市中山大學物理系奈米結構物理實驗室郭建成2高雄市高雄大學應用物理系電子與原子結構實驗室邱昭文1臺東市台東大學應用科學系尖端能源材料實驗室陳孟炬1備註:有關各實驗對學生能力要求、專題名稱及內容簡介,請見附件「2024大學生暑期跨校專題研究計畫 實驗室名單.PDF」
活動資訊 / 2024-03-21
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