Division of Academy

A. Organization
  No more than 15 committee members are established, and the members are offered a term of two years in the Division of Academy; the committee members can be re-elected. The president and vice-president are the ex-officio members; other committee members are elected by the Board of Directors. The expertise of the academic committee members should cover the main current research fields of physics. A director of general affairs is appointed by the president as the director of the Division of Academy. Other fellows may be invited to join in the division.

B. Mission
  1. Host or co-organize all kinds of national academic activities related to physics.
 2. Plan academic activities for the annual meeting.
  3. Establish contact with related academic organizations.
  4. Assist in promoting international academic communication and cooperation.
  5. Establish and amend all rules for academic incentives.
  6. Implement and promote the affairs related to academic activities.

C. Summoning Meetings
Meetings of the division are to be summoned at least twice a year; the director is the convener. Extraordinary meetings are to be summoned if necessary.

Division of AcademyChia-Ming Kuo(Director)、Hung-Chung Hsueh(Vice Director)、Hong-Yu Chu(Vice Director)、Ying-Jer Kao、Chung Wen Kao、Keng-hui Lin、Jung-Jung Su、Chung-Hou Chung、Tzu-Fang HSU、Wen-Chin Lin、Ting-Hua Lu、Tse-Ming Chen