The Division of Condensed Matter Physics of the Physical Society of Taiwan


Asia-Pacific Conference on Condensed Matter Physics 2023 (AC2MP 2023)

November 27-29, 2023

Fullon Hotel Hualien, Hualien, Taiwan

Regulations for the Division of “Condensed Matter Physics” of the Physical Society of Taiwan
      Approved by the Division of Academic Affairs on January 04, 2022
      Approved by the Division of Academic Affairs on March 17, 2022
Article 1   
The regulations herein are stipulated in accordance with the Guiding Principle for the Organization of All Subject Divisions under the Physical Society of Taiwan.
Article 2    
The main objective of the Division is to promote quality outputs in both academic research and science education in the subject of Condensed Matter Physics. The other goals include facilitating international collaborations, strengthening international participation, and enhancing international visibility in relation to any of the division’s subject areas.
Article 3   
Members of the Division are composed of interested members of the Physical Society of Taiwan. To join the Division, the prospective member is asked to inform both the Physical Society of Taiwan and the Division of his/her name, affiliation, and email address, etc. A member can apply to withdraw his or her membership at any time. Membership may be revoked at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the Division for any misconduct of a given member.
Article 4    
The Assembly of the Division meets at least once every other year, in which five board members of the Executive Committee and three alternate members will be selected by all division members. The candidates of Executive Committee are nominated by the members of the division.
Article 5   
Executive Committee
1.The Executive Committee is charged with the administration and execution of the division’s affairs. The sub-divisions are set up including (1) Surface science and Low-dimensional physics, (2) Semiconductors/ Optoelectronics/Optics, (3) Magnetism/Spin physics, (4) Superconductivity/Strongly correlated materials/Quantum materials, and (5) Instrumentation development.
2.The Committee is composed of one Chairperson, one Vice Chairperson, one Secretary General, as well as two board members. If any committee member should be vacant, an alternate member will be assigned to fill the vacancy in order of sequence on the waiting list. The Convener of each sub-division is recommended by the Execution Committee.
3.The Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, and the Secretary General are selected among committee members by the Committee. The Chairperson is responsible for overseeing the division’s affairs and serves as the representative of the Division. The Chairperson also presides over both the Assembly and the Executive Committee of the Division. The Vice Chairperson is charged with assisting the Chairperson in his or her role. In case the Chairperson is unable to perform his or her duties, the Vice Chairperson shall act for the Chairperson. The Secretary General is charged by the Chairperson to carry out the division’s affairs and arrange for division meetings along with minute taking.
4.The Meeting of the Execution Committee:
The Meeting of Execution Committee should be held at least once a year.
5.The Convener of each sub-division is charged with the promotion of academic activities and the international collaboration in the sub-division.

Article 6
The regulations herein become effective after being adopted by the Division and subsequently reported to and approved by the Division of Academic Affairs, under the Physical Society of Taiwan. Revisions to the regulations are subject to the same procedures.