TPS Student Chapter Bylaws

Amended by February 2, 2021

Recorded by the Executive committee meeting on July 10, 2021

Recorded by the Board meeting on July 10, 2021

Article I General Principles

1. The Physical Society of Taiwan (the “TPS”) sets up the Student Chapter (the “Chapter”) under the Division of Academics. The mission of the Chapter is to provide students the opportunity to participate in physics-related public affairs and to strengthen the connection with physics students abroad.

2. The Director of the Division of Academics is the advisor of the Chapter. The Director may appoint another faculty member as the advisor.

Article II Membership

3. The TPS Student members are deemed members of the Chapter.

4. Members of the Chapter have the following rights:

1) Participate in various activities organized by the TPS and use various services provided by the TPS.

2) Other relevant entitlements in line with the purpose of the TPS.

3) Elect and recall members of the Executive Committee.

5. Members of the Chapter have the following duties:

1) Comply with the bylaws and the resolutions of the Chapter.

2) Pay membership fee.

Article III Organization and Execution

6. The Chapter shall hold general member meetings at least once a year. Seven members of the Chapter Executive Committee and three alternate members shall be elected by the members of the Chapter in such meetings. All Executive Committee members shall serve a one-year term, but eligible for re-election.

7. The Chapter Executive Committee Composition and Function

1) Governance

The Executive Committee shall administer the affairs of the Chapter.

2) Officers

The Executive Committee consists of one President, two Vice Presidents (one domestic and one international), one Secretary General and three Committee members. Vacancies on the Executive Committee shall be filled by alternate members in order by the number of votes at the election.

3) Election of President, Vice president and Secretary General

President, Vice president and Secretary General shall be elected from among the Executive Committee members. The President shall manage and supervise the Chapter’s affairs, and represent the Chapter in its external affairs.

The president shall preside at all Chapter meetings and the meeting of Executive Committee. The vice presidents shall be responsible to assist the president and act for the president when the president is unable to execute his or her duties. The Secretary General shall conduct the Chapter’s administrative affairs by the orders of the president, plan and coordinate meetings and take minutes.

4) Executive Committee Meeting

The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year.

Article IV Supplemental Provisions

8. The bylaws shall become effective upon their approval by the Chapter member assembly and shall be submitted to the Division of Academics for recordation. The bylaws shall be amended under the same procedures.

Additional regulations and enforcement rules of the bylaws shall be stipulated by the Chapter.

9. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.