Outstanding Industry Contribution Award of Physical Society of Taiwan

Approved May 1, 2021 by the Division of Academy

Approved July 10, 2021 by the Executive Board of Directors

Approved July 10, 2021, by the Board of Directors and Supervisors

Article 1 Purpose
To recognize companies or individuals in the industry who have made outstanding contributions to cutting-edge research in physics or physics education, the Physical Society of Taiwan (TPS) establishes the Outstanding Industry Contribution Award of the Physical Society of Taiwan.

Article 2 Eligibilities

The Award is given to companies or individuals in the industry, having collaborative work with physics research related to the TPS or with educational institutions affiliated with the TPS, that make exceptional contributions in providing technological know-how or capital,  jointly developing new technologies for cutting-edge physics research, or promoting physics education, etc.

Article 3 Candidate Nomination
3.1 A joint recommendation signed by at least three members of the TPS.
3.2 Recommendations made by individual Divisions.
3.3 All recommendations must substantiate the purported contributions of a particular candidate to be reviewed by the review committee.
3.4 Application is open every year between July 1 and August 31. Applications should be submitted to the Division of Academy of the TPS.

Article 4 Review Process
4.1 An adhoc review committee shall be established by the Division of Academy of the TPS, and chaired by the Director of the Division of Academy. External specialists may be invited to attend the meeting if necessary.
4.2 The quorum of the meeting is two-thirds of the committee members. The recommendation will be made when there are at least half of the votes in favor.
4.3 The list of awardees will be announced after approval by the Board of Directors.

Article 5 Award
The awardee will receive a medal in the annual meeting of the TPS.

Article 6 Miscellaneous
6.1 The number of awardees is subject to decisions made by the review committee, based on the number of applications submitted.
6.2 The Award can only be conferred once for any companies or individuals awarded.
6.3 The Award may be recalled by the TPS if a recipient of the Award is found to have violated academic or business integrity.

Article 7
The Regulations herein become effective after approval by the Division of Academy and subsequently the Board of Directors of the TPS. Revisions to the Regulations are subject to the same procedures.