Physics Education Committee

The Physics Education Committee is a working group in the Taiwan Physics Society (TPS) to assist in the promotion of physics education and related issues.

In recent years, in response to Taiwan’s educational reforms and the challenges of science education under paradigm changes, we have co-organized with Public Affairs Committee of TPS to organize seminars and workshops to provide the link of physics education between universities and senior high schools.

In addition, in order to promote the long-term development of physics inquiry and practice education in Taiwan and the Chinese community, it also helped to establish a Physics Practice Platform as a channel for sharing teaching plans ( It also actively cooperates with other societies related to physics education at different learning stages, such as the Physics Education Society of the Republic of China and the Inquiry and Practice Society of the Republic of China to jointly hold physics education related seminars, scientific teaching aid creative design competitions, inquiry practice competitions and other activities. It is hoped that through the continuous reform of physics education, it can provide sustainable development power for the cultivation of physics talents.