International Affairs Committee

The International Affairs Committee is in charge of the affairs of international communication, the campaigns of international publicity, and the activities of relevant promotion.

In terms of international communication, besides the continuous signing of reciprocal collaboration agreements with associations of physics around the world, the committee also invites outstanding scholars from each country to the annual meetings of the Physical Society of Taiwan (TPS) in order to strengthen its academic communication with the international academia of physics and multiply the opportunities of mutual collaboration. Concerning international publicity, the committee organizes the annual event of Taiwan Night at the March Meeting held by the American Physical Society (APS). The event gathers ethnic Taiwanese scholars in the field of physics together at one venue, provides a platform for international communication, and attracts outstanding overseas Taiwanese to return to Taiwan to exercise their expertise. Furthermore, the TPS actively takes part in International Conferences on Women in Physics, rendering the progress and development measures of gender concepts embodied in the education and professional research of physics in Taiwan visible to international society. Regarding relevant promotion, by joining the American Institute of Physics (AIP), the TPS has granted Taiwanese scholars the right to access all AIP journals and relevant resources.

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