Postdoctoral Academic Research Award of Division of Particles and Fields of TPS

Approved June 14, 2022 by the Division of Academy

Article 1 Purpose

The Division of Particles and Fields (DPF) of the Physical Society of Taiwan (TPS) formulates the selection regulations for the Postdoctoral Academic Research Award in order to encourage young researchers to work in the field of particle and field, and recognize their contributions to scientific and technological research.

Article 2 Qualifications

Candidates should be the TPS members and meet the following criteria:

1. Candidates should be postdoctoral researchers in domestic research institutions or public and private universities when applying.

2. Candidates must have not won the MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) Postdoc Academic Research Award or the NCTS Physics Postdoc Paper Award.


Article 3 Candidate Nomination

  1. Application is open every year between July 1 and August 31.
  2. Even-numbered years in the Common Era accept applications from postdoctoral researchers in the theoretical field, and odd-numbered years in the Common Era accept applications from postdoctoral researchers in the experimental field.
  3. Applicants should provide CV, publication list in the past five years, research achievements and contributions during the period of postdoctoral research in Taiwan, one or more recommendation letters, and in-service certificate.

Article 4 Review Process

  1. The review will be conducted by the TPS DPF Executive Committee. Reviewers outside of the committee may be invited to assist in the review if necessary.
  2. After the review within the DPF, the recommended application will be sent to the Division of Academy for further review. If recommended, the application will then be sent to the meeting of the Board of Directors. The Award will be announced after approval of the Board of Directors.

Article 5 Award

The recipient of the Award will receive an award certificate and a NTD 10,000 prize in the annual TPS meeting.

Article 6 Miscellaneous

  1. The Award is limited to one recipient each year in principle. The award may be vacant due to qualifications of the applicants.
  2. The Award can only be conferred once for any individual recipient.
  3. The recipient will be invited to give an oral presentation at the annual TPS meeting.
  4. If an award recipient is found to have violated the academic integrity, actions will be taken in accordance with the Guidelines for Handling and Investigating Research Misconduct of the MOST.

Article 7

The Regulations herein become effective after approval by the TPS DPF meeting and subsequently the meeting of the Division of Academy and the Board of Directors. Revisions to the Regulations are subject to the same procedure.