Rules for Chinese Journal of Physics Excellent Paper Award


On January 20, 1998, the meeting of directors and supervisors ratified

On September 29, 2011, the Board of Supervisors ratified

On June 16, 2018, the executive council ratified

On June 16, 2018, the meeting of directors and supervisors ratified



  1. This award is aimed to encourage domestic scholars to contribute to the "Chinese Journal of Physics" (CJP), strengthen the quality of their papers, increase the number of citations, and increase their international visibility.
  2. The nominees of this award are researchers (including the retired) working in domestic academic institutions who publish papers in the "Chinese Journal of Physics" (CJP) with affiliation in the domestic academic institutions.
  3. The basic criteria for an excellent paper are: from the date of publication, the number of citations by SCI journals within two years must exceed the impact factor of the Chinese Journal of Physics published by JCR in the year of application. The statistics of the number of citations are based on the numbers registered on the Web of Science.
  4. For papers that meet Article 3, within three years of being published in CJP, any domestic authors, with the consent of other domestic co-authors, may apply to the TPS for awards in October each year.
  5. The rankings of excellent papers are:
    1. The Outstanding Award is NT$50,000, limited to three.
    2. The Excellent Award is NT$30,000, limited to ten.
  6. The Editorial Board of the Chinese Journal of Physics selects excellent papers in November and presents the award at the next TPS annual meeting.
  7. These guidelines shall be implemented after approval by the TPS Council, and the same shall apply to amendments.