History and Present Status

The society was founded as The Physical Society of the Republic of China (PSROC) on June 15, 1958, according to the Civil Organizations Act of the Ministry of the Interior. To promote international participation, the name of the society was changed to The Physical Society of Taiwan (TPS) on January 24, 2018 based on the decision of 53th general assembly of members. TPS is a growing society – we have around 1,800 members in 2018, which is more than doubled than in 2001.

Our mission is to pursuit the progressive development and popularization of the physical sciences in Taiwan – in both scientific research and education, and to promote international communication and participation. In recent years, we pay attention to the policies of science and technology and economic innovation – emphasizing the importance of fundamental research on industrial transformation and promoting communication with industry.

The society has a board of 21 directors and 5 supervisors, all of whom are teaching and research personnel of universities or research institutes. TPS is also a well-organized and active civil social organization. We have four divisions and six committees under the board of directors to efficiently promote activities beneficial to academic affairs, including journal and magazine publication, promotion of women in physics research, the Annual Meeting of the Society, the public affairs forum, the promotion of educational activities in physics, and the development of international affairs. The divisions and committees include: Division of Academy (responsible for academic activities and selection affairs), Division of Development (underneath which are International Affairs Committee, Physics Education Committee, Committee on Women in Physics, and Public Affairs Committee), Division of Publication (underneath which are the Chinese Journal of Physics Editorial Board, the Bimonthly Editorial Board, and the Network Working Group), and Division of Finance and Personnel.

TPS has two regular publications: the Chinese Journal of Physics (an academic journal founded in 1963) and the Physics Bimonthly (a magazine founded in 1979). We are dedicated to improvement in the quality of academic research papers in the Chinese Journal of Physics as well to promoting physics and popular science education in Taiwan. For example, Physics Bimonthly is a high quality magazine in all aspects, from content to editing to art design, and its subscribers already include the general public. At the same time, TPS holds many educational activities and academic seminars, including its own Annual Meeting, the well-recognized 2005-Year-of-Physics activities, and “Taiwan Night”, which connects all Chinese scholars.

In international participation, TPS has signed bilateral agreement with 17 academic societies, including American Physical Society (APS) and Physical Society of Japan (JPS). TPS has also been a long-time participant international organizations, such as International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) and the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS). In 2017, TPS became the first foreign member of American Institute of Physics (AIP).



2022-Ying-Jer KaoNational Taiwan University
2020-2021Meng-Fan LuoNational Central University
2018-2019Chih-Ta ChiaNational Taiwan Normal University
2016-2017Minn-Tsong LinNational Taiwan University
2014-2015Fu-Jen KaoNational Yang-Ming University
2012-2013Yee HsiungNational Taiwan University
2010-2011Jung-Chun HuangNational Cheng Kung University
2008-2009Ray-Nien KwoNational Tsing Hua University
2006-2007Ting-Kuo LeeAcademia Sinica
2004-2005Ching-Ray ChangNational Taiwan University
2002-2003Shih Chang LeeAcademia Sinica
2000-2001Cheng-Chung ChiNational Tsing Hua University
1998-1999Darwin ChangNational Tsing Hua University
1997Yang-Fang ChenNational Taiwan University
1996Yeong-Der YaoAcademia Sinica
1995Maw-Kuen WuNational Tsing Hua University
1994Tien Tzou TsongAcademia Sinica
1993Yi-Shiung GouNational Chiao Tung University
1992Shih-Lin ChangNational Tsing Hua University
1991Wan Sun TseAcademia Sinica
1990 Huan-Chiu KuNational Tsing Hua University
1989Gwo-Jen JanNational Taiwan University
1988Huei-Li HuangNational Taiwan University
1987Keh-Ning HuangAcademia Sinica
1985-1986Yuan-Jhong LiouNational Tsing Hua University
1984Kang-Pei WangNational Taiwan University
1982-1983Yuan-Jhong LiouNational Tsing Hua University
1981Kang-Pei WangNational Taiwan University
1979-1980Edward YenNational Tsing Hua University
1978Poh-Kun TsengNational Taiwan University
1977Kang-Pei WangNational Taiwan University
1975-1976Yi-Yan LiNational Tsing Hua University
1968-1974Yun-Guei DaiNational Central University
1967Sheng-Heng FangNational Taiwan University
1963-1966 Yun-Guei DaiNational Central University