Committee on Women in Physics

Committee on Women in Physics, branched from the Department of Development in the Physical Society of Taiwan, and originated from the Working Group on Women in Physics (WGWIP) established by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP).

The origination of WGWIP was due to the small number of female scientists and technologists in related fields of physics worldwide, including those who were studying in colleges or graduate schools for physics as well as those who graduated. In addition, the ratio of female researchers to male ones in physics has decreased rapidly because of the number of diplomas and positions attained. This phenomenon is similar to other academic fields such as mathematics, chemistry, and life sciences. Working Group on Women in Physics (WGWIP) hopes to understand and explore the major causes of these phenomena and with group discussions and concerted efforts to attract more female students to enter the field of physics by promoting and identifying other females within the field. A year after the establishment of WGWIP, Professor Dai Ming-Fong, began promoting by establishing a domestic working group. With the collective efforts of many physics scholars, the Working Group on Women in Physical Society, Taiwan, was established in 2001. The major function of the group was to provide guidance and assistance, exchange of experience, and professional support to female researchers in the hopes to inspire more females to actively participate in related research fields of science and engineering.