TPS Announcement

Express of interest for attending the activities of the Division of PBBP of TPS

Dear TPS members,

The guidelines for creating divisions of Taiwan Physical Society were approved at the end of 2018. Through the establishment of divisions, we aim to make international collaboration and communication more efficient for each research field among Taiwanese and other physical societies around the world, and to enhance the international visibility of our community. The division can work to make the community more interactive and collaborative, to improve its research environment, and to educate young generate so people in the field can accomplish high quality research to make impact both academically and socially.
Several colleagues from the field of “Physical Biology and Biological Physics” made the efforts for proposing the organization regulations of the division of “Physical Biology and Biological Physics” (PBBP) in the past few months. The regulations were approved by the Division of Academy of TPS on March 17, 2022. Recently the Division of Academy invited its TPS chair, Ying-jer Kao (NTU), Chia-Ming Kuo (NCU), Chien-jung Lo (NCU), Chia-Lung Hsieh (Academia Sinica), Jung-hsin Lin (Academia Sinica), Keng-hui Lin (Academia Sinica) and Shi-wei Chu (NTU) to prepare for the establishment of the PBBP.

Here we invite TPS members who are interested in the activities of the PBBP to join the division.
If you would like to join, please express your interests at ... fGVCA/viewform?usp=pp_url before 3/27 (Sun.).

All the best
TPS President Ying-Jer Kao
Vice President, Director of the Division of Academy Chia-Ming Kuo
PBBP Founding Members, Chien-jung Lo, Chia-Lung Hsieh, Jung-hsin Lin, Keng-hui Lin and Shi-wei Chu