TPS Announcement

Announcement of the 3rd Student Chapter Election of the Physical Society of Taiwan

The mission of the TPS Student Chapter is to provide students the opportunity to participate in physics-related public affairs and to strengthen the connection with physics students abroad.


1. The Physical Society of Taiwan Student Chapter Bylaws:

2. Candidate Eligibility: Must be a student member of the Physical Society of Taiwan in 2023.

3.Registration period: Until June 7, 2023 (Wednesday).

4. Term of office for the elected candidates: From July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024.

5. Online voting period: From 8:00 AM on June 9, 2023, to 8:00 PM on June 14, 2023.

6. Vote counting: June 15, 2023.

7. Announcement of election results: June 16, 2023.

8. Voters: All student members of the Physical Society of Taiwan have voting rights.

If you want to sign up, please provide your name and the copy of student ID card to