Poster Competition

The Winners of the Poster Competition for the Annual Meeting 2011


(A) 奈米科學 / Nanophysics(B) 半導體 / Semiconductor(C) 磁學與磁性材料 / Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
(D) 超導與強關聯電子系統 / Superconductivity and Strongly Correlated Electrons(E) 光電光學 / Optics and Electro-optics(F) 表面物理 掃描探針顯微術 / Surface Science
(G) 生物物理 軟物質 / Bio-physics and Soft Matter(H) 統計物理 計算物理 / Statistical and Computational Physics(I) 量子資訊與量子計算 / Quantum Information and Quantum Computing
(J) 中高能物理 / Medium and High Energy Physics(K) 天文 重力 宇宙學 / Astrophysics, Gravity and Cosmology(L) 加速器物理 / Synchrotron / Accelerator Physics
(M) 電漿與一般物理 / Plasma and General Physics(N) 原子與分子物理 / Atomic and Molecular Physics(O) 物理教學與演示教學 / Physics Teaching and Demonstration


★Merit Award:

AP-019Surface-controlled Photoconductions in InN and AlN Nanowires Induced by Molecular Sensitization Mechanism陳瑞山、楊倉和、黃宣銘、陳新鎰、林麗瓊、陳貴賢、楊英杰


AP-032Fabrication of Nitric Oxide Gas Sensors Based on Single ZnO Nanowires鄭宜驊、陳香安、林鶴南國立清華大學材料科學工程學系
BP-121Coherent quantum transport in a narrow channel with spin-obit coupling and an in-plane magnetic field張書瑜、唐志雄、鄭舜仁國立交通大學電子物理系
BP-123Time dynamics in quantum Hall effect breakdown李明洋、中島俊、林冠廷、陳正中、齊正中、小宮山進國立清華大學物理系等
CP-031The Correlation between Interfacial Properties and Magnetoresistance Performances of Organic Spin Valves歐陽魁鴻、洪振湧、王柏堯、李愷信、黃子倫、張銀銘、吳祥寧、翁聖勛、許紘瑋、陳家浩、陳悅來、魏德新、張凡修、林宏基、林敏聰國立臺灣大學物理系等
EP-066Electromagnetic energy vortex associated with sub-wavelength plasmonic Taiji marks蕭至廷國立臺灣大學物理系
EP-090Muti-stable and tunable grating based on cholesteric liquid crystal gels郭怡君、傅永貴、趙宏昌、林宗賢國立成功大學物理系等
FP-249Potassium induced long-range ordered superstructures on C60/Ag(111) surface胡育誠、趙彥錚、白偉武國立臺灣大學凝態科學研究中心
GP-026Single-Molecule Studies of Concentrated Polymer Solutions under Shear Flows趙書漢、張宸銘、阮文滔中央研究院物理研究所
KP-114Organic Molecules in Solar-Type Young Stellar Objects and Comets莊幼玲、管一政國立臺灣師範大學地球科學系
NP-194Low-Light-Level Nonlinear Optics with Stationary and Stored Light Pulses李孟融國立清華大學物理系


★Honorable Mention:

AP-014Gold nanoparticle assisted colorimetric detection of low concentration melamine by pH controlled absorption and SERS spectroscopy.田宇軒、黃逸帆、 帕他拉、薛特國立陽明大學生醫光電所
AP-043Growths Mechanism of Graphene Films on Copper Thin Film李奕德、盧昂佑、李宣得、陳俊宏、鐘元良、莊鎮宇、李連忠中原大學物理系等
BP-179Temperature-dependent interdot carrier transfer for strain relaxed InAs/GaAs quantum dots capped by InGaAs layer林妍君、江振豪、楊政鴻、謝孟謙、陳振芳國立交通大學電子物理系
BP-207Studies of temperature-driven flow lines in a disordered GaAs two-dimensional electron system containing self-assembled InAs quantum dots王翊亭國立臺灣大學物理系
DP-252Ultrafast Dynamics in Cu-doped and pure Bi2Se3 single crystals陳學儒、小林孝嘉、曾文彥、吳光雄、羅志偉、林俊源、溫增明、莊振益國立交通大學電子物理系等
DP-261Vortex pinning by composite arrays of submicrometric defects in a superconducting Nb film陳建淼、洪連輝、吳仲卿、吳添全、曹嶸、楊宗哲國立彰化師範大學物理系等
EP-135High-brightness optical-field-ionization collisional-excitation x-ray laser pumped by a 100-TW laser system in an optically-preformed plasma waveguide陳秉寬、何彥政、洪德昇、張穎力、陳賜原、朱旭新、林俊元、汪治平、周明昌中央研究院原子與分子科學研究所等
EP-177Long distance Fluorescence images by stimulated emission process林世浩、文靖中陽明大學生醫光電研究所
EP-178The Droplet Motion on a Liquid Crystal and Polymer Composite Film朱庭玉、朱為麟、陳文柔、林怡欣國立交通大學光電工程系所
FP-221Domain structures on the strain-driven morphotropic phase boundary李欣樺、陳宜君、解雯娟、陳香融、梁文怡、朱英豪國立成功大學物理系等
FP-239Growth of novel micro-structured carbon thin films by using ultrashort-pulse laser deposition陳潔心、邱禹睿、廖祐暄、洪國川、陳彥穆、朱旭新、林俊元、汪治平、陳賜原中央研究院原子與分子科學研究所等
GP-036Analyzing the Morphology of 3T3 Fibroblasts in Microenvironment林宛瑢、洪瑋嶸、林耿慧國立臺灣大學物理系等
MP-152Gap-dependent transition of atmospheric microplasma黃柏勲國立中正大學物理系
NP-163A Single Frequency CW Singly Resonant Optical陳炫辰、江明佑、蕭中芸、施宙聰國立清華大學光電工程研究所